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thought i'd bump this up with forge patch coming up soon... this is a good idea +1

#17 [en] 

The idea has been mentioned in Universe recently and seems to keep cropping up :)

If my understanding is right, this change could be entirely crowd-sourced?

- Someone needs to make icons for all spell combinations available in game. This is doable without Winch Gate intervention, since game assets are public.

- Someone needs to implement this change client-side; the client code is open source. Theoretically, we wouldn't need server-side item sheets for each crystal type, the client can simply do the work locally and assign each spell its "correct" icon based on the contents of the crystal.

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong in the above.


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Is there any chance instead of displaying the normal crystalized spell image the icon displayed is the spell image that you see on the action bar? This could be a quick bit of coding (although I would have no idea at all). Thanks



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I'm unimaginably thrilled to see this has been implemented!!!

: )



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This feature has been added a while ago. Moved into "Added".

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