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After logging into your account, you find that you are missing one or several characters, and your account wasn't active at the time of the server merge ? Don't worry, we can restore your characters (1) !

Restoration of your characters is a service available for paying accounts only. If you wish to use it, you will have to activate the account on which you want the restoration by using your profile page on Ryzom's official site :

In order for us to make sure that you are the legitimate owner of the account, please provide us with the following information, by message only, at :

Name of the account :
Name and first name :
Email address the account is registered to :
Email address you would like the account registered to :
Birth date :
Postal address :
Characters on the account (if known) :
The reason for the restoration (restoration after the server merge, or accidental erasure) :

N.B. Any new characters created before the restoration of the interested account will be erased and definitively lost if a pre-merge character exist in the same slot.

(1) The restoration of your character will be like all other players after the server merge : You'll get back only the look of your character, their levels, skills and, if possible, their name. So no equipment, items, dappers, guild etc.

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