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Windows users, if you know someone in your guild or a friend with this problem, send them here via a web browser for the solution since they're unable to ingame :)


When the server was relaunched only a few days ago, Mac users did not receive an update causing the new ingame forums to become buggy and unuseable.

Mac users fear not! Here's how to fix your forums, achievements and profile (partially for the profile)

Open Terminal.app and type "cd" followed by a space.
Next locate your Ryzom.app, right click on it and select "Show package contents". Go into "contents" and click and drag "Resources" to your Terminal window.
You may want to make a copy of your resources folder just incase a problem occurs or a different patch or fix is made in the future :)

Your Terminal window should look something like this:
cd /Applications/Ryzom.app/Contents/Resources

Now press Enter.

When it reads:
<computer name here>:Resources <Username>$

Copy and paste the following two commands (one at a time for safety sake :) )

rsync -rtzv --progress --stats www.ryzom.com::ryzom/data .
rsync -rtzv --progress --stats www.ryzom.com::ryzom/client_default.cfg .

Make sure to include the dot in the last line!

These two commands will update your Ryzom data files and compare your local copy to the Ryzom server version. Please note that this can take a VERY long time depending on what needs updating.

Your achievements seem to not update until after you have updated your Ryzom Client using the above method, meaning if you left Silan you'll be unable to complete the Silan achievement.

If you're still looking for the 1.13 update or want to have look at the MacBinaries follow this link to the site: http://dev.ryzom.com/projects/ryzom/wiki/MacBinaries

Please tell me if this works for you!

Have Fun! :D

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this is a good post and you should feel awesome. I compile my own client but thank you for putting this together. It's awesome of you.


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The post works, but it has a typo in it. The first rsync command should also have . as last parameter. Otherwise it downloads into /data/data (and full 6gb too).

If it doesnt work for you too, try this:

rsync -rtzv --progress --stats www.ryzom.com::ryzom/data .
rsync -rtzv --progress --stats www.ryzom.com::ryzom/client_default.cfg .

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so far, neither method worked for me it only downloads for a long time but
ingame forums still don´t work i try again later maybe i made a mistake

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I'm on a Win7 x64 PC and I also only get white blank with "shift+w" command.


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The data part is optional, the important change is withing the client_default.cfg

The adress for all internal web apps has changed and this is the reason for white screen. Locate your client_default.cfg and check the following section:

WebIgMainDomain = "app.ryzom.com";
WebIgTrustedDomains = {
"api.ryzom.com", "app.ryzom.com"

If they have the old urls, change them to app.ryzom.com

Hope this helps!

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I -did- use the . in the first command but It's still downloading the whole 6GB again!
Guess I can't stop it now and have to wait :/

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Fitis (atys)
I -did- use the . in the first command but It's still downloading the whole 6GB again!
Guess I can't stop it now and have to wait :/
sure you can stop it, but now figure out where it downloaded those files ;-)



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Everything works fine now! => But you HAVE to do what Arty replied!

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Fitis (atys)
I -did- use the . in the first command but It's still downloading the whole 6GB again!
Guess I can't stop it now and have to wait :/

Try pressing ctrl + c repeatedly in the console. Should break any active commands.

If you feel adventuerous and want to learn something new, try "ps -ax" then look for the pid (process id) of your update script and kill it with kill -9 <process id>.

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after changing the client_defaut.cfg, i can somewhat acces forums, thanks a lot!
inside of them still troubles it may happen i get the "we take you to new adress of app.ryzom.com in
5 secs"..window which gets stuck and refreshing it does nothing
latest problem inside was i can´t delete topics i made in guild forums it gets me error code and
a red **del** in front of the topic but can´t delete it , i have /had a few more problems i think to do with web-ig
but maybe i better post those in web app forums.
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