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It was a few minutes ago that Ryzom still works before I closed it.

You see, each time we open Ryzom in mac it will display the icon on the bar below your screen.

The Ryzom icon pop out for about 0.1 second and disappeared again.

I found this while I'm opening with Terminal:
Last login: Tue Jan 3 11:48:36 on ttys001
Kuans-iMac:~ kuanchongmeng$ /Applications/ ; exit;
Parse error on the "/Users/kuanchongmeng/Library/Application Support/Ryzom/client.cfg" file, line 54

[Process completed]

Any solution please? I've reached cap and I'm going to subscribe >_<

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Problem solved.

I think that "client.cfg" being replaced.

If who met this problem and need to fix please log in and reply in this post.

I'll post the solution for you.
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