Announcements (atys) - Ryzom Community Forum Thu, 18 Apr 2024 20:33:12 +0000 ryApp::FeedBuilder 15 Announcements (atys) - Ryzom Community Forum <![CDATA[Addition of the Paypal payment option]]> Wed, 19 Aug 2015 14:19:35 +0000 OFFICIAL NEWS and click on the button corresponding to the wanted game duration.
It is possible to add up several purchases to get a customised game duration (2 times 3 months to get 6 months for example).
In order to answer to recurring demands of the players community, this application allows also to make a donation to Ryzom through Paypal.

No sensitive data goes through this application, Paypal is handling the full transaction and informing us only about it's good conclusion.
This temporary application will be replaced in the course of September by the addition of the Paypal payment option on the account page

It should be noted that, due to the fees charged by Paypal, the monthly price of the game through this option is highter than the one through PaySpan:
1 month: €8.95 /month
3 months: €8.50 /month
1 year: €7.50 /month

The Ryzom team remains at your disposal for any additional information, and wishes you a nice game on Atys.

The Ryzom Team.]]>
<![CDATA[New payment options coming]]> Mon, 20 Jul 2015 15:19:18 +0000 OFFICIAL NEWS
Due to the closure of PaySpan, it is temporarily impossible to subscribe to Ryzom without a debit/credit card.

In order to overcome this major problem, the Development Team is working on updating Ryzom's payment system in order to add support for PayPal.

Moreover, the upcoming arrival of Ryzom on Steam will allow players to choose between other payment options. Ryzom subscriptions through Steam will be done directly on the Steam platform and not via the Ryzom site. Consequently, any payment option available on Steam will be valid: credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, JCB), PayPal, Visa Electron, PaySafeCard, Sofortüberweisung /, iDeal, WebMoney
For more information

Important note: these new payment options aren't active yet, but we are doing everything we can in order for them to be active as soon as possible.

We'll keep you informed of the progress of these two addtions and we thank you for your understanding.

Ryzom Team]]>
<![CDATA[July 20th patch]]> Thu, 16 Jul 2015 16:22:53 +0000 OFFICIAL NEWS 17th 20th, 2015, at around 9:30 UTC (11:30 CEST). The server will be down for less than one hour in order to implement the following additions and fixes:

Fix of Marauder Camp

- The holes around the walls are fixed. Nevertheless a client bug with the collision calculations still makes it possible for some players to sometimes go through the wall. This will be fixed later.
- Guards now do patrols and are standing at strategic points instead of wandering aimlessly.
- The guards have been updated to act like other 200 region guards.
- The camp now has villagers who will be going about their daily business.
- A new stable has been added.

Fix of a bug affecting Dyron Hill's position

For a strange reason "Dyron Hill" region was shown at a wrong position on the map since the server merge (in the south of the region instead of north-west of Dyron). This will be fixed with this patch.
The players who have completed the achievement "Explore Dyron Hill" going to the previous southern position will keep their Yubo Points and Achievement.

The Ryzom Team remains at your disposal for any additional information and best wishes to you!

Ryzom Team]]>
<![CDATA[Report of Ryzom Forge's meeting - 8th of june 2015]]> Sun, 14 Jun 2015 10:22:18 +0000 RYZOM FORGE Communication & Marketing group


1-New teaser for Ryzom
EveNArtworkS just offered us a new (and really nice) teaser for Ryzom. This video will be released very soon. A BIG thanks to him!

2-Ryzom on Steam Greenlight
Your feedbacks have been taken into acount and the cover screen has been changed.
Other videos will be added once our listing done, including the new teaser.

3-Census of the creations around Ryzom to highlight them

Starts for lists to be completed by everyone:
Video creations:
Graphical creations:
Written creaztions:
Audio creations:
I'll need your help to fill these lists, then they can better be highlighted.

I'll publish on a regular basis a creation "around Ryzom". Two have already been published on Twitter and Facebook, these are fan arts: "Run" by Karrakas and "Lylanea" by Altamira:: /
It would be great if Facebook and Twitter users could like / retwitt / share more of the Ryzom publications. Viral marketting goes also through social networks.

(See )
Nothing new.

5-Ryzom Forge's wiki
We'd need contributors to write our progresses there.

6- Progress/work ideas: feedbacks from a player
<Tamarea> I've copied/pasted the feedback of a player about the game, with his agreement. There are several interesting ideas on which Ryzom Forge could work, especially listing all the pages about Ryzom which a potential player could read, and which are out of date / to be updated: 
I'd liked to get answers to this post, it would have been useful tonight. It would need also to be translated in DE and FR.

<Osquallo> Removing the wiki and replacing with the forum might be a problem. A welcome section in the forum could be a good idea

<Lyne> *Lyne: I'm thinking of the post by Feylin about "how to chose your guild", it would be fine in a welcome section.

<Zatalyz> I quite like the idea of a welcome section.

<Hann> Another advantage of a section of this kind would be to have an estimation of the number of newcomers. Not for the regular players, but for the people considering playing Ryzom and wondering if there still have players on it.

<Tamarea> Adding such a forum would be easy and quick. We'd need then to publish there what could be useful to newcomers, and especially answer them quickly, for them to feel that the community is welcoming.

=> A "Welcome" forum has just been created.]]>
<![CDATA[Report of Ryzom Forge's meeting - 1st of june 2015]]> Sat, 06 Jun 2015 21:50:26 +0000 RYZOM FORGE Translation group


Good news: Tamarea received an application e-mail from a translator to Russian (to which she still haven't answered yet because she was sick).
Most important translations should be again be done in russian!

We're still looking for translators / correctors to English (3 FR => EN), to German (2), to Spanish (2), to Russian (2) and to French (2).

Naema was insterested in proofreading (EN) last week. But Lyne doesn't know if it was only on Wiki or on Ryzom also.

Lore group

1-Wiki lore: work on the chronicles and the tribes

[Zendae] Everything is progressing slow but steady. Regarding the translation, when I'm importing a chronicle I don't consider yet if it is done in the other languages. Well, I shortly stopped doing it, it was already difficult to assimilate the FR organisation. First thing, have the pages entered, Then plub-up the organisation. It remains something of a low rythme, something like a page a day. If others enjoy reading the Lore, there's work left to do. :)

2- Moving the documents from the Kaghanat wiki to the one of RF: what do we do?

[Zatalyz] I hope we can discuss it a bit here. As Zendae mentionned it to me, writing twice the articles would also require to pass on the changes on both sides. It will be a lot of work to create, then to maintain. I belive the most "economical" way (to to spare the volunteers) would be to mage pages with a link to the other wiki. For example, a page on "creating a mission" on the RF wiki, which lists all the pages allowing to do that on the Khaganat wiki (with keywords to find the page).

[Osquallo] There's nothing preventing someone to migrate everything on RF if one has the time one day.  But I'd be in favour of creating the next ones on RF side. It's more directly related to this side. : If there is the opportunity of course.
[Zatalyz] Osquallo: on the question "on which wiki it will be", it will depend on who's writing the documentation... I prefer for the documentation to be done, without constraining on one system or the other, due to the syntax differences.

[Tamarea] How to manage the translations?
[Zatalyz] There's everything needed to translate on Khaganat. There's already EN/FR, other langages can be added easily if we have translators (It will take me 30 minutes, time to find back the right option ^^). Zatalyz: And it's a wiki, so everyone can correct :) (you just need to register, because of bots... sorry). For example, on a page such as this one at the top right corner of the page, there's something to change the language, and move to the FR version of the article (this one is translated :p ) : *a drop-down menu.

[Zorroargh] As for the translations, we have too few resources. I believe we should give priority to English for the technical documentations: developers are already used to english jargon. And save the other translations to what is "history": lore, events, etc.
[Remigra] A beautiful site, not very helpful but unfortunately for me, as I'll probably not really understand it myself in German ^^ I think if I would understand, I would much further ^^  but I meant as the previous speaker, that they must be in English, after all, this is the most understood language. so before Ranging.
[Lyne] I don't fully agree that the technical documentation shouldn't be translated in other languages thant EN. First, there are people not fluent enough in English, but who could help, even without being developers themselves. Second, as a translator, I sometime appreciate translating technical things: it's often simpler than convoluted chronicles.
[Zorroargh] I wanted to precise that I didn't say that it was not to be translated. I'm a lot more at ease and efficient in FR than in EN. But if we're low on people, we'll have to give priority to the translations effort where the players understand less (stories), and give priority to English for technical documentations. I don't wish it but it's a technical analysis: there are too few of us.
[Remigra] Now we see it that way, Latin is the language of mediziener, and english is actually the language of the devs, if I'm not mistaken (world ^^) certainly I would wish the translation of technical things, I also spoke to others, but as already mentioned, we have a few recorcen and have in this regard unfortunately make concessions: / We are no longer limited to devs from a country, which is why it is the Common Language is to use I think. and this is in dev beings after all the English I mean.

[Osquallo] I'm in favour of writing first on RF if possible and add a link. Anyhow, even when translating, it's not instantaneous, so we'll need a link to the original page
 *Zorroargh nods in agreement.
[Osquallo] : The Khanat > RF link is less problematic. Peoples from Khanat know they'll come on RF, but the topic is Ryzom and these pages are useful to all the ones approaching Ryzom. So that's were it should mainly be findable.

[Lyne] I come back to the first question: writing the pages twice, or giving a link. I think the link is a more efficient solution. Whatever its direction (Kh -> RF or RF -> Kh). But I see one advantage at writing the pages twice. Not doing it systematically, but giving the opportunity. There are people who come on this channel or the forum syaing "I don't know anything but I want to help". Let's propose to them to migrate these pages: the list is known. It will allow them to discover the wiki syntax. And then they can move to the chronicles. Or the code... It's making them enter in the RF world.

[Tamarea] So we have three choices:
1-Move everything from the Khaganat wiki to the RF one.
2-Let the already written documents on Khaganat and just add the links on RF + continue writing these documents on Khaganat.
3-Let the already written documents on RF + write the next ones on RF (with a link to Khaganat).
 I agree with Osquallo in the idea that all documents regarding Ryzom sholud be first written on RF wiki, which is the central wiki of this free project (as much as its equivalent on Ryzom Core side).
[Lyne] Et 4 - Laisser les documents déjà écrits + écrire les prochains où on veut (selon celui qui les écrit) mais en pensant à mettre un lien de l'autre côté.

[Zatalyz] On my side... Thanks for tonight talk, it helps me seeing more clearly. I agree on the fact that if it regards Ryzom, it's better on Ryzom. But I also know that we'll have more work done by giving a choice to peoples. Zatalyz: I'm in favour on solution 4, by moving myself to make the links, it should be fine... And I will also write the tutorial on how to transfer from one wiki to the other. As Lyne said it, it's a good start for the ones who don't know what to do.  So, it won't necessarily be in two-copies soon (maybe never), but it will be possible. *Zatalyz: And I'm not in favor of a "transfer", in the sense of "everything on one side or the other exclusively".  Repetition also allows to increase the chances for it to remain online. And I also hope that the differences which will appear (in the style, in the details) will allow the ones who are searching to find "their" way. Myself, when following a technical tutorial, I always have several sources to hand, between  which I alternate ^^ We don't have to get a pure clone...

[Zorroargh] I just wanted to draw attention on the fact that double maintenance would also require resources. I'm a lot more in favour of having only one version wherever it is. That's all. (Even if I'm sharing Zatalyz point of view regarding the perfect clones).
[Tamarea] Zorroargh: any preference on where to put this version?
[Zorroargh] RF from my point of view.

3-Home page, portals, categories, and contents of the DE, EN, EF, FR and RU Lore wikis

The FR Lore wiki is going fine, but it's the only one: without administrators and contributors, the DE, EN, ES and RU wikis will die. And havint only one FR wiki is not to be wished for a multilingual community.  It is urgent for volunteers to make themselves known!
[Osquallo] Just wanted to say that I discussed in game with EN and DE who would have liked to get all the chronicles and events we had on our side, translated in their language
[Tamarea] With more translators, it would become possible. But we also need absolutely administrators and contributors for these wikis.  Zendae finds that adding a text per day is few, but it means 30 per month, incidentally! If the EN and DE chronicles (already translated) were moved on the wiki and added in categorieds, it would be a good start.]]>
<![CDATA[Ryzom Forge's meetings]]> Sat, 06 Jun 2015 21:31:53 +0000 General Ryzom Forge meeting - 8th of june 2015 - 19:30 UTC (21:30 CEST) on IRC #ryzomforge


Communication group & Marketing:
1 - New teaser of Ryzom
2 - Ryzom on Steam Greenlight
3 - Census of the creations around Ryzom to highlight them
4 - Interviews
5 - Ryzom Forge's wiki
6 - Work trails: feedback from a player

<![CDATA[PayByCash (PlaySpan) Closing on June 12th, 2015]]> Wed, 03 Jun 2015 20:11:08 +0000 OFFICIAL NEWS
PlaySpan will close its PayByCash payment system on June 12, 2015 and it will no longer be possible to subscribe to Ryzom with PayByCash. Unfortunately, we will be forced to remove this payment option on June 11, 2015. After that, PayByCash users will need to utilize Worldpay to pay by credit card and extend their subscription.

In the meantime we are looking into alternatives to allow players to continue to pay on a nonrecurring basis and/or without use of a credit card.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All Ryzom PayByCash subscriptions remain active until the subscription is over and will NOT terminate on June 12th. If you would like to extend your subscription using PayByCash, this will be possible to do until June 11th. Your subscription will then continue normally. You will not be able to extended using PayByCash after June 11th.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding while we search for a new solution.

The Ryzom Team]]>
<![CDATA[[Tryker] Go, Gerder! Go! (Wednesday, June 3rd 2015)]]> Tue, 02 Jun 2015 21:39:11 +0000 EVENTS
"Engineer on the cusp of a wondrous breakthrough? Or a disastrous breakdown?

Welcome to Adventures possible only in the land of the Children of the Wind, the Tryker federation, where unusual problems are solved with even more unusual approaches! For weeks now, the brave Tryker engineer Be'Arroy Arty has been working on a mechanical Kincher to scare off the drunken Bolobi from Avendale.

Be'Arroy Arty's monstrous machine awaiting its mission. Will the Kincher work and free Avendale from this siege? Or will the giant beast run haywire and turn the beautiful city into a pile of driftwood?

Keep an eye on Avendale on 20h - Quarta, Folially 4, 2nd AC 2583 and see what happens!

Derry O'Darren
Tryker chronist
3rd Atys Cycle Year of Jena 2583"

* [ooc] Wednesday, 3 June 2015 19:00:00 UTC (9 years ago)]]>
Ghost Of Atys
<![CDATA[[Fyros] Epus' Exile (Tuesday, 2nd June 2015)]]> Mon, 01 Jun 2015 09:01:57 +0000 EVENTS
Patriots and inhabitants of the Empire of the Burning Desert,

At 20h - Dua, Germinally 14, 2nd AC 2583 (*) the former counselor of the sharükos, Epus Xalaus, will use the opportunity of a trading caravan leaving Pyr and heading to Zora to leave the sharük. With this he answers the judgement of exile, rendered by sharükos Lykos after the Atreus trial. Our sharükos has allowed the patriots to escort the former counselor to his new domicile.
The caravan will gather at the south gate of Pyr.

Boen Eunix,
Imperial Herald

(*) [OOC] Tuesday, 2 June 2015 19:00:00 UTC (9 years ago) [/OOC]]]>
Ghost Of Atys
<![CDATA[Report: Ryzom Forge meeting -18th of may 2015]]> Sat, 23 May 2015 15:11:35 +0000 RYZOM FORGE
1 - Ryzom on Steam Greenlight

WinchGate has recently asked for Ryzom to be added on Steam; Since the internet users gave favourable advices, Ryzom will be on Steam:

2 - Viral Marketing

Who's still speaking about Ryzom on games forums, and on which ones? Who would be interested by this task?

3 - Videos on Youtube and Vimeo

 [Tamarea] I'll open a thread on the forum asking for help to make a list of the nice vidos about Ryzom (Youtube, Vimeo...). Some could be used as tutorials for beginners, on the forum. Others could enrich the videos part on the official site of Ryzom
 Beginning of a list of video of Ryzom on Youtube:
- (Kyrosshouk) 
- (Acridiel)
- (Phileur)
- (altamira)

[Paocel] I've got old rush of brute caughts. Not being personnaly blessed for assembly (neither experience nor time) I could let them available if someone want to make something of them. They should be from 2011 (Dante). Hidden in a corner, for a test/demo (but not for advertisement) you can use these 3 ones:
There are some things but nothing official I believe.

4 - Communication on Linux sites

[Tamarea] A press release for the Linux sites and an official announcement on the Ryzom forum are under translation. They explain the opening of the teams, which become mixed Ryzom/Ryzom Forge/Ryzom Core.
I'll need volunteers to give me links on the main sites for Linux DE, EN and ES please.

[Tamarea Next press release will be about Ark. As Shikitiwa said it, "It's something especially exciting for devs, fiddlers and hackers. I know ARK isn't free, but nonehteless it could strongly interest and attract new peoples."
This release will be for more technical sites. Here again, i'll need help to list the DE, EN, EF and FR sites which could be interested in this kind of news.

5 - Communication on infography sites

We could publish the RF creations on infography sites, or at least post there the link to the Flickr de RF: What do you think about it?

[Paocel] Ok, I didn't understand the infography topic. I thought (hoped?) for new illustrators, new illustrations. Regarding the new ingame projects, why not. There wasn't a DeviantArt galery? The infography communication wouldn't join the viral communcation?
[Osquallo] I've got mines and there was canadianrainwater who was gathering all works about Ryzom.
[Paocel] Also, in addition to Forge productions, there were external contributions. Ok Osquallo. So it's a communcation for the official production, really distinct from the one of the community.

[Tamarea] Gathering / Listing all graphic creations related to Ryzom (RF / players / others) would be a very good idea.
[Osquallo] We don't have the banners of the contest anymore, by the way, with the new style of the official site.
[Tamarea] We can make a list / gather a maximum of graphic creations about Ryzom, it remains to be seen where and what to do with it. How to highlight them the best?
[Osquallo] If I can launch an automatic app at connection, I can do a "artwork of the day" application (but I haven't found if it was possible yet)?
[Tamarea] I let you think about it, we'll speak again on this next time. We'll first have to highlight all these creation, and first to make a list of them.

6 - Interviews

The flour to Zatalyz regarding her post
[Zatalyz] Interesting proposals, I hope for more participations to breack the back of the work for me. And I'll start slowly. As usual, at my own pace and depending on the motivations which will be placed on my path. :)

[Paocel] It comes at the right time, I've got an idea in mind for quite a long time, for which I had even considered to do it alone, and to 'throw' the answers (in case of positive contact) one day at random in the forum to see the reactions. But my motivation is braked by the language barrier (I manage to read/understand, but not the other way around). We're speaking about initiators, not about authors and illustrators, we're speaking about players, developpers... But what about the composer!!!
[Osquallo]Bjørn Arve Lagim ?
*Osquallo is wondering by the way if he's the only one having read the credits.
[Paocel] Yes. Ryzom is indivisible from its musics! How Bjorn came to work on Ryzom? How did he come in contact with Nevrax, who called who, what was his external point of view on the game, did Nevrax give him imperatives (atmosphere, instruments, ryhtm...)? I've got to find my list, the questions may be short or clumsy, and they'll need to be translated and to try to contact him. I'll search during the week and send it to Zatalyz.

7 - Publications

Remigra published this article in EN, DE and FR: We'd need volunteers to publish it on sites or forums in EN, DE and FR (and ES once the translation is done).

[Tamarea] I'm trying to create a stock of screens, drawings 2D and 3D works, even not finished yet, poems, etc... to be published one by one, on a regular basis, on the Flick album of RF, on Facebook, and on game forums. I'll open a subject in the forum asking for you to add what you'll find. Osquallo was proposing to use the Creation forum to list all this, it's a good idea.
[Lyne] There's a matis poems book on the forum, I believe.
[Osquallo] And I still have Bambou's songs somewhere.
[Paocel] And the poems of the drunkards also.
[Osquallo] I'll try to gather them.
Paocel] Lots of RP was done in bars, there have been some transcriptions in the forum (RP or in the archives - it depends till when you want to go back to feed the galery).
[Osquallo] There were also the mvg reports for the rp.]]>
<![CDATA[Report - Ryzom Forge meeting - 11th of may 2015]]> Sun, 17 May 2015 13:52:52 +0000 RYZOM FORGE Dev group

[Ulukyn] It will be quite short. Nothing really special on the dev side, except for some bug fixes, priority is to let the Level Design progress very soon.
[Tamarea] Crowdfunding : For the dev projects up to 1500-2000 €, WinchGate is proposing us not to start a crowdfunding, it will found these projects itself if it find them interesting for Ryzom. For each project, the dev will have to give to WG his detailed project with a price estimate for each task, WinchGate will decide then.
 We'd need for Kaetemi to prepare such a document for the "Blender" project (to get rid of 3DSMax).
 [Zatalyz] We found/created lots of documents and we need help to 1)translate 2)migrate it on the RF wiki. Lyne and Osquallo have already translated a lot, but help would be welcome, and there is really a lot of things. 
 Regarding the migration to the wiki: it requires no technical knowledge, only patience. I can teach you the little I know. If you are interested, ask me, we'll chose an evening for this (the group generates emulation). 
 For the interested ones who'd like to see this doc: a part is available in the RyzomCore sources, on how to create missions. I'm told that it looks a bit with the ARK options. Maybe it could help the ones working with it? French: / English:
We also have lots of doc on the datasheets thanks to YannK, it's quite fresh. Here also we'd need help to translate it in English:

[Zatalyz] We (Khaganat) are wondering a lot about the choice that Ryzom seems to be doing to work only with Ark to add missions and content, and not on primitives. It won't make the traffic between the server and the players heavier? While everything is in the primitives, most of the tasks are managed by the client? NH is already slow on some days; but how will it be if there are more things based on ARK ? The encyclopedy rites, everything supposed to last, wouldn't it be best in the primitves? Ark is the ideal tool for punctual events, but is it fit for permanent content? Especially on the bandwidth side.
=> [Ulukyn] Indeed, if we had to compare both, ARK takes much more bandwidth than the primitives. Now, if it was simple, fun, efficient to add missions with the primitives, I would have improved the system long ago. But I spent months on it... it's just very very clumsy. The 2 added rites took months, and they bug evey now and then. In addition of not working as expected for socres of reasons. The 2 marauder rites have beed added in 3 years by a very present dev. You cannot really compare. And between developping a not really fitted tool and not really extensible, or rent one more server for Ark, there's no contest. Moreover, new modules will decrease Ark lenghts. With less exchanges between server, client ark, and through the use of new commands.]]>
<![CDATA[Report - Ryzom Forge meeting - 4th of may 2015]]> Wed, 13 May 2015 23:05:29 +0000 RYZOM FORGE Communication Group

Zatalyz has started a subject on the forum, to see if people would be interested in the backstages of the game (interviews), but it didn't get any answer:

- To hep with the communication, there is the forum ( ), with some good ideas, and Ryzo Forge's IRC channel.
- Don't hesitate to ask the teams about the content which could be published on the official website: Artworks, 3D or 2D WIP, main additions of the Lore to the wiki, big incoming events... We'd need for the official site and the Facebook page to have regular content.
- Remigra wrote a nice text on the forum. With the translation. It can be sent on English and French speaking sites, if someone is interested

The anonymous of the group
Communciation is quite a huge field. Actually, the people who take time to welcome newomers on Silan, the ones who speak on the generic MMORPG forums, etc, are acting as communicators, be them aware of it or not. Or by taking time to see how the teams are working, motivating the ones who're there to work. There are in every linguistic community some "exchanges helpers", but few of them want an official role. Nonetheless, they're doing much without appearing to.

Official site
[Zatalyz] The official site can be changed, except for the forum? I thought changing some pages was blocked? If nothing changed lately, we're really stuck on this. By the way, the disclaimer and CGU (using conditions?) have still not been added on the official site... 

Event Group 

Nothing new.

Lore Group

Lore wiki
- The topics about the two previous tribes are done (but not officially validated yet), the work about the tribe of the Hamazans of the Deed is at the last step of writing, and the next tribes on the shelf are: Shadow Runners and Ecowarriors.
- The graphic team is finishing, for the Lore team, a validation stamp which will ornate the wiki articles validated by the members of the Lore validation. It's a WIP, but it should look a bit like this: (it's forbidden to use it without the authorisation of said validators, who should be 4, under NDA).

Primary Lore
- On the NDA side, there are three members working on the "primary" Lore in oder to settle the Lore more precisely, and give it the foundations it deserves. This in close relationships with the small part of original authors of the Lore, in order to keep (and sometime come back to) the original spirit of the Lore (said "monkial", for the initiates).
- The NDA team working on the "primary" and the RF Lore volunteers are then both taking the Lore by an end, to recreate a complete lorian corpus, and meet in the middle, the whole of it under the leadership and validation of the 4 validators (the ones with the stamp).

Support Group

[Tiximei] No special requests from the support team. We are really happy to watch the activity in the ryzom forge project and cheer on you all. The support team is not so much about instigating changes, but to take care of the player with the ever changing world of Atys. What the support team really needs is to be made aware of changes and events going on at any given time.

Translation Team

Translation of the rites
[Wiedii] The ARK team would like for an English translation of the rites to be done BEFORE the Level Design gives them. So with the risk that you may sometimes have to adjust the dialogs later, so work again on the translation. Does it bother you or do you prefer to have everything at the end, once it's stabilised?
[Drumel] I'd prefer to have the things bit by bit.
[Lyne] Same as Drumel: I'd prefer to do it gradually, even if I've got to redo it sometimes, rather than having to do everything at the same time. It may mean more works in the end, but it's easier to include it in my schedule.

Translation of Lore wiki
- Please wait for the Lore articles on the public wiki to have the validation stamps, since even if they are published on the wiki, they can still change.
- Having an easy list of articles to translate on the wiki, with priorities, would be fine. Currently, eveything is a bit in a mess, and you never know where to start.]]>
<![CDATA[[Tryker] Arghan and the siege of Avendale (18/05)]]> Sat, 09 May 2015 22:29:47 +0000 EVENTS
Dear Homins!

Strange things are going on in Avendale! Bolobis have come out of Loria and staggered into the city! The merchants are upset and the city guards are clueless about the reasons of this strange invasion.

The famous hunter Arghan Kiley and FISHES (*) scientist Be'Arroy Arty will meet the homins at Mystia 15, 1st AC 2583 (**) at Avendale stables to investigate this surprising incident.

(*) Foundation for the Investigation of Scientific, Heuristic and Engineering Solutions
(**) Sunday, 10 May 2015 19:00:00 UTC (9 years ago)

Ghost Of Atys
<![CDATA[[Fyros] The Emperor's Judgement (28 of april)]]> Sun, 26 Apr 2015 22:42:52 +0000 EVENTS
The trial of the homin Atreus, who claimed to be sharükos Dexton, has come to an end and sharükos Lykos has come to a judgement about those who have supported this homin. Our sharükos will speak to his people on Folially 17, 1st AC 2583 (*) in front of the main stairs of the Imperial Palace in Pyr.

Oren fyraï!

Aeryx Xan
Supreme Justice"

(*) [OOC] Tuesday, 28 April 2015 19:00:00 UTC (9 years ago). This will be a short political announcement event of approximately 20 minutes suited for all levels. [/OOC]]]>
Geist Von Atys
<![CDATA[From the Event Team about the Rangers]]> Fri, 24 Apr 2015 02:01:51 +0000 OFFICIAL NEWS
The reason for this is that the Lore and background for the Rangers was scattered in many places and we did not understand just how contradictory it was until recently. We are now in the process of consolidating and merging old lore and new and rectifying it with what the players have experienced. Please be assured that nothing you have gained thus far will be taken from you.

We expect this process to be completed soon, after which we can once again have Assemblies and continue planning events and the Ranger Rite.


The Event Team]]>
<![CDATA[The torments of a queen (part 4)]]> Thu, 23 Apr 2015 23:48:20 +0000 Lore & Chronicles Correspondence between Tridi Lillo and her son, made public in 2582, in which the few copies were very quickly confiscated. Nonetheless, the publication had been copied and several amber cubes still circulate within the Kingdom, including this one.

Letter dated Germinally 2, 3rd AC 2518

My dear son,

Have you ever heard of the chest of Bravichi Lenardi, the father of the Karae?

History notes that all the knowledge of Bravichi is forever lost. Can you imagine? He died on a pyre, not because he was a heretic, but rather because he supported Yrkanis. Obviously, helping Yrkanis to run out the Kingdom and saving him narrowly from a murder ordered by Jinovitch was not out of this.

All his work was publicly burned. To not keep the least memory from what a heretic wrote, that could take the heat of Jena. What an era! Divert in such a way divine will for man's own glory! Jinovitch's end was predictable, the Goddess could not tolerate such abuse eternally...

Whatever, Bravichi Lenardi succeeded in preserving the main amber cubes containing his knowledge. Karae Lea herself said that to me, saying that her father confessed to her, very near before his arrest, that he left a box to a "person of confidence".

I think that the Karae will never recover from what she considers as a betrayal from her father.  Who was this person in who he has got more confidence than her? Why didn't he entrust this so precious trunk to her, his daughter? Is it really to protect her, as he said? Was it Yrkanis? Was it somebody she knew, and who continues to bow down in front of her, as if nothing happened? And what, if the knowledge of her father was hidden out of the Kingdom? One of the tracks she followed secretly led her to the Empire, can you imagine?

My son, the Karae is young and her pregnancy is rather near to term, but, despite of that, look how determinate she is in going on in her quest of this box! I have the chance to serve a great Queen. Her presence, her authority, the art in which she drives a large-scale investigation, without anybody else from her relatives to know it - even not the Karan - all that proves it.

My son, one more time I forget my duties about you. How are you? You said in you last letter, that your superiors think about a promotion for you. How is it? Do I have the benefit, without knowing it, to be the mother of a Lieutenant of our armies? I can't wait to read you to know more!

May the Goddess look after you, my son. And may she give me the pleasure to see you again soon.

Jena Aiye, 

Your mother,

Tridi Lillo

[OOC] [/OOC]]]>
Chronicles Of Atys
<![CDATA[The torments of a queen (part 2)]]> Wed, 22 Apr 2015 00:11:02 +0000 Lore & Chronicles Correspondence between Tridi Lillo and her son, made public in 2582, in which the few copies were very quickly confiscated. Nonetheless, the publication had been copied and several amber cubes still circulate within the Kingdom, including this one.

Letter dated from Medis 27, 1er CA 2518

My dear son,

I'm very happy to hear of your new position ! By Jena, you, so young and yet sublieutenant ! One, day, I'm sure, you will be telling me that you're promoted to  General of our armies.

Here at the palace, life rolls along. The Jinovitch era seems already so far off, but the tyrant died only four years ago. Time eases the spirit, like Jena's tears falling from the sky.

Howerver, there is still one troubled soul here; a person that I hear scream at night from my nice room, and that I have difficulty calming down. It's the Karae herself. She often wakes up with a start, sweating, wide eyed, seeing again that nightmarish vision: her father, the great botanist Bravichi Lenardi, being burned alive on a pyre.

I pray to the Goddess that the coming royal birth calms down the torments of the Karae. Son, I know that it's difficult to believe me when you see the self-confidence she has in front of everybody. However, it's the truth. 

I send you all my love with this letter, my beloved son.

Jena Aiye,

Your mother, proud of you,

Tridi Lillo

[OOC] [/OOC]]]>
Chronicles Of Atys
<![CDATA[The torments of a queen (part 1)]]> Mon, 20 Apr 2015 23:38:55 +0000 Lore & Chronicles Correspondence between Tridi Lillo and her son, made public in 2582, in which the few copies were very quickly confiscated. Nonetheless, the publication had been copied and several amber cubes still circulate within the Kingdom, including this one.

Letter dated Nivia 10, 2nd AC 2517

My beloved son,

I'm writing you from the Royal Palace where, as you know, I'm now living since I've occupied the honored rank of Lady in Waiting to the Karae Lea. Here I have the privilege to encounter many influential homins. Each day spent in the royal residence slightly advances the reputation of our lineage within the High Court.

The Karae, the young wife blessed by Jena, appears to be a homin of great beauty. But what is most impressive is the strength of character that emanates from her, surrounding her with an almost divine halo, inspiring both respect and admiration. I hope one day you will have the privilege to approach her, my son. Then, you'll understand the meaning of my words.

I hope this letter finds you in good health and that you prosper in the art of weapon training. Do not forget to recite your prayers to the Goddess Jena, asking her to fix Her eyes upon you and flood you with Her benevolent Light, conveying to you all my maternal love.

Your beloved mother,

Tridi Lillo

[OOC] [/OOC]]]>
Chronicles Of Atys
<![CDATA[Where Wedding is Synonymous with Challenge]]> Mon, 20 Apr 2015 09:57:29 +0000 Lore & Chronicles Marauder Wedding: Where Wedding is Synonymous with Challenge

An ordinary evening at the camp in Hidden Source. Around the fire the marauder guards sent from the Old Lands mix with the young marauders recruited on the New Lands. One of them asks:

Do you also get married, in the Old Lands?
Of course. A wedding celebrates the fact that two people have found and can always rely on each other. By getting married, each has to demonstrate to the other, along with their family and clan, that they are worthy of belonging with them.

How do they prove their worth?
Ah, the marauder love ritual! Long before speaking of marriage, each one takes the time to test the other with various trials and small challenges. But it's when the question is officially made that the real fun begins. The engaged couples lay down a challenge to each other that they must complete or not return. It is a very delicate time, since of course you don't want to send the one you love to their death, but if the challenge is too simple, you put them to shame... So you've got to find something that pushes them to their limits, without going overboard. It's also sometimes a way to get rid of a clingy suitor! My dear Lokiukas had sent me fighting a renowned kirosta with my bare hands and I thought for a moment that she no longer desired me... But she got it right. I brought back the kitin's sting as wedding gift for her. As for me, I asked her to tame a wild varinx. She arrived at the wedding riding on the back of the terrifying beast...  *has a tender look*

And if the challenge was meant to get rid of an undesirable, and they are still successful?
There's nothing for it but to make yourself understood by way of arms! But it's rare. And it's only the beginning of the ordeals...

Only the beginning? What happens after that?
It's now up to our family, our clan, and our guests attending the wedding to make sure that we'll remain close in the battle! Each wedding offers the chance for new challenges. Usually, both fiancés have to fight several teams in a tournament. It is said that the longer they stay on their feet, the longer the wedding will last! The ordeals are also more or less harsh depending on the way the entourage consider this union. Here again, whatever happens, no pain is spared to them, they have to prove what they're really worth! At each succesful fight, the defeated team offers a weapon and a piece of armour, or sometimes rare materials to craft their gear afterwards. In some clans, it is also the opportunity to organize a great hunt for prestigious creatures, and the loot is offered to both lovebirds.

Indeed, if after all this they're still alive and in love, they should spend their lives together! But how does the wedding itself take place?
We don't bother much with chitchat. Someone reputed in the community, often the leader of a clan, gives a quick speach on the importance of being united in the face of adversity, then asks them to confirm their will. The married homins seal the agreement by drinking from the same goatskin, a way of expressing that they will share everything from now on and that they trust each other. Generally, the master of ceremonies has filled the goatskin with brandy and the party begins.

Are there things to do or not to be done during a marauder wedding?
Hey, we're marauders! If you do something stupid, you're either strong enough to take responsibility for it, or you'll feed the Bark! But regarding the customs, the married-to-be often wear red, or at least one piece of their outfit is red, symbolizing the blood shed together. And after a day of tournaments and hunting, most attire are in shades of red and black... Some also exchange rings, a custom from before the First Great Swarm, but it's a bit dated and has lost all of its meaning.

And after the ceremony?
After? We drink, we laugh, and it often ends up in a general fight... out of friendship of course. As for what the newlyweds do at the end of the evening, it does not concern you, but be sure that a little runt such as you won't be invited to that part!

Everyone bursts out laughting, while the chat moves to other topics.

Lore Wiki]]>
Chronicles Of Atys
<![CDATA[Support team]]> Wed, 25 Mar 2015 18:32:29 +0000 GENERAL
Welcome to Graciela, currently under training! (EN, timezone US)

Recruitment for CSR is open!
We're looking especially for Frenchspeaking and English-speaking volunteers. If you are interested, please read this post.]]>
<![CDATA[The Events Team]]> Wed, 25 Mar 2015 17:51:43 +0000 GENERAL
We are looking especially for an animator who's not playing tryker  and interested in taking care, eventually, of the tryker events.

Generally speaking, we're looking to extend the animation team in order to offer more regular and varied events, and also to have animators in the american and australian timezone.]]>
<![CDATA[[Dev] Patchlet v7]]> Mon, 09 Mar 2015 18:13:39 +0000 OFFICIAL NEWS
Dear players,

We are pleased to announce the imminent implementation of the new version of the "patchlet" system of mini patchs that permit us to make additions of modifications while keeping the game server open. It is the v7 version, which will bring some new things:

- Better management of the three OS (Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac). Especially, the additions downloaded throught the patchlet are now finally visible to Mac users.

- Possibility to update files already present in the patchlet.

- Possibility to patch big files (such as the packed_sheets) and so to  easily add new objects, mobs, etc, on all three OS (Windows, GNU/Linux, Mac).

- Possibility to subscribe to a patchlet throught an app of the same name. This subscription system will allow, for example, the testing of additions from Ryzom Forge that have not yet been validated in order to make comments and proposals.
This subscription system will also allow the addition of optional skin changes, and also testing of new interfaces without disturbing the players who'd like to keep the current interface. It is related to the system of Mods that exist in other games, with automatic update.
Any player wishing to manage a patchlet must send a request to attaching some usable files  and a message describing the purpose of the mod.

At the same time, we'll also make available to everyone a small tool which will ease the modifiation of the interface textures. The  next announement will give you more information on this subject.
Some of you may want to try changing the interface with the colors of their factions/nations. The current interface system doesn't give a huge amount of freedom (for example, the sizes for the texture elements are pre-set) but we have no doubt on your creative talents!

The Ryzom Team remains at your disposal for any additional information and wishes you a good game on Atys!

Ryzom Team]]>
<![CDATA[March 2015 patch]]> Sun, 01 Mar 2015 22:33:12 +0000 OFFICIAL NEWS
Targeting mode of the mobs

The behaviour of mobs in combat with players has been modified. From now on they will retaliate to all the attacks from players. The healers will also be attacked. However, characters that don't belong to the team of the targetted characted by the mob and that don't take part in the fight won''t be attacked. So it won't be possible anymore to drag, either deliberately or not, mobs on characters out of your team.
If however the character attacked by a mob dies, it can then attack a nearby character that wasn't taking part in the fight. Dying close to another character to drag mobs on them won't be punished unless it's possible to prove that the action was deliberate.

PVP Skirts and Shields

It will be possible to sell back a PvP object for the same number of PvP points if its durability points are at their maximum.

We have added a faction restriction on PvP skirts and shields (the picks currently owned by the characters don't have any restriction). So, it won't be possible anymore for a Karavan follower to wear a kamist, marauder or generic PvP skirt, and vice versa.
If you currently own one of these PvP items, the faction restriction will be applied and the health points of the item put back to their maximum. So you'll be able to sell them back to the NPC and purchase an item of your current faction.
Caution, the restoration of durability back to 100% will be done only for PvP skirts and shields currently in your inventory. It won't be applied for any later faction changes.

Ryzom Core numerous fixes

We are grateful to Ryzom Core for the numerous fixes done, which we are pleased to add in this patch.

Improving the technical possibilities for the events

Positioning of objects, NPC and mobs for events has been improved thanks, especially, to the taking into account of the Z axis. It will allow them to be placed on a hill, a root, or on the floors of a building.

The Ryzom Team remains at your disposal for any additional information and wish you farewell!

Ryzom Team]]>
<![CDATA[Brunnenbau im Großen Buschland/well in the Great Outback (event)]]> Thu, 08 Jan 2015 21:54:12 +0000 ROLEPLAY
Werter Akenos,
es ist soweit die ersten Fässer Wasser sind gefördert.
Um das weitere Vorgehen zuplanen, bitte ich um eine kurze Adienz in Dyron.
22h - Prima, Medis 1, 2nd AC 2581
(Monday, 12 January 2015 19:30:00 UTC (9 years ago))
Ulyton Meros
<![CDATA[Temporary modification of campfire parameters.]]> Sun, 28 Dec 2014 11:19:40 +0000 OFFICIAL NEWS
Because of significant game balance problems caused by using campfires tactically in OP battles, the previous announcement was made. The change was easy to do and "fixed" the problem. We are pleased to announce that a new solution has been found and programmed. It is not perfect, but it allows the restoration of the previous parameters for firestarting in 90% of the cases. Campfire parameters are reset to the previous values EXCEPT in an exclusion zone of 150 meter radius around each OP. Within that zone, campfires may not be built.

Please note: This may not be the final solution, this is merely a solution that will allow those who are having FUN with the campfires to go back to having fun.

Ryzom Team]]>
<![CDATA[Atysmas is coming!]]> Fri, 19 Dec 2014 00:38:48 +0000 OFFICIAL NEWS
Atysmas is coming with big steps! Almati Wood is already glistening from sparkling lights and filled with the buzz of busy Lutrykins. And, amidst the Atysmas trees, the mektoubs, snowmen and yubos, a new bulletin shows what is planned over these days of joy!

[OOC]Many of those events will start at the Atysmas village in the Almati Wood. Almati Wood is accessible by teleportation from all the temples located near each capital and by the New Horizon service.[/ooc]

December 19th and December 20th starting at 19 CET in Almati-Wood: Visit of the Atysmas fairies (player event) who have a lot of gifts to give to younger homins!
December 20th to December 31st: watch out for small huntable snowmen all over Atys. What is behind this strange phenomenon? Find out during whole Atysmas!
December 23th at 20h CET: Gather around a warming fire and listen to the Atysmas stories! Contribute to this evening and be surprised by a little gift as a thanks!
December 24th to January 4th: You don't like Atysmas? You would like the Atysmas trees to go away? Well then you have the chance when the Atysmas tree hunting season is finally opened!
... Don't forget the handing out of gifts and other surprises throughout all of Atysmas!
Ghost Of Atys
<![CDATA[Questions for the Karavans]]> Thu, 04 Dec 2014 02:06:03 +0000 OFFICIAL NEWS Hello,

We will start a RP event explaining the differences of the memories of the Homins, and at the same time, explain the appearance of Homin's "strange dialects".
In accordance with the spirit of openness of Ryzom, we would like to have the help of some players to start the event.
Would it be possible for you to write in the forum in an RP format (hence in the "roleplay" section) questions and doubts, inconsistencies or questions regarding the game following the merger? This will cause a RP reaction from us that will cause an event both in that forum and in the game.(/OOC)

Event Team Communications
<![CDATA[Atysmas is coming!]]> Wed, 03 Dec 2014 20:49:57 +0000 OFFICIAL NEWS
Atysmas Greetings Homins!

This years advent calendar is not yet complete, and time is running out!
We are looking for any budding "Atysmas Artists" to help with pictures for the remaining days!
Those whose submissions are successful will recieve the title "Atysmas Artist" that will last until next Atysmas of course!

Please make your submissions to

Merry Atysmas to all!
Ghost Of Atys
<![CDATA[Atysmas is coming!]]> Tue, 25 Nov 2014 22:14:08 +0000 OFFICIAL NEWS
Dear Homins,

Atysmas is coming closer and we would like to present you an advent calendar full of beautiful images. Every homin who would like to contribute to this year's calendar is cordially invited to create atysmas-themed images and send them to by the 10th of December.
If we should get more images than days remain in the calendar, the pictures that didn't make it will be used for next year.

Best regards,

Kleah (Ryzom event team)
Ghost Of Atys
<![CDATA[[Rangers] Rangers assembly]]> Tue, 18 Nov 2014 01:38:21 +0000 Embassies
Orphie Dradius calls Wuaoi Yai-Zhio into her office. They sit for a moment, comfortable in each other's company.
Orphie Dradius: "How is the training of the Ranger Aspirants coming along?"
Wuaoi Yai-Zhio: "As far as path-finding is concerned, quite well. All of them who have sufficient positive regard from the Nations and Factions have learned to use the Pathfinding Amber and they are making good use of the training paths. I have assigned some of our patrols to keep the paths open, since the Kitin activity level is low at the moment."
Orphie Dradius: "What else are they training?
Wuaoi Yai-Zhio: "I have taught them what I know. What more would you have them learn?"
Orphie Dradius: "They need to be able to survive in the wilderness without the help of nearby civilization.
Orphie Dradius: In my travels recently I came across some old hermits in the Deep Roots. They were headed towards the surface. They will have skills to teach our young Rangers-to-be. I encouraged them to teach other homins their special skills and they agreed."
Wuaoi Yai-Zhio: "Why were they not happy where they were?"
Orphie Dradius: "They were growing old and tired. Life in the depths is not for the old. I did them a favor by helping them towards the surface. One of them has already arrived and set up residence in the Burning Desert."
Wuaoi Yai-Zhio: "What do you want me to do now?"
Orphie Dradius: "Gather the aspirants together and encourage them to learn more. While you are doing so, it would be good to appoint some of them to keep an eye on the captured white Kitin in the Forest, and others to interact with the nations."
Wuaoi Yai-Zhio: "I will do that."
Orphie Dradius: "Remember what Wilk sent us in that message. We need the new Rangers to be strong and ready."
Wuaoi Yai-Zhio: "How fares Wilk?"
Orphie Dradius: "I received another message not long ago. He had to detour around a new location, but he continues on his way home."
Wuaoi Yai-Zhio: "May he be equal to his path."
Wuaoi Yai-Zhio leaves and returns to his room. There he pulls out a quill and pens a notice to be posted to all public boards.
"Wuaoi Yai-Zhio to all Aspirant Rangers and to any others who wish to attend, greetings. I request your presence in the Ranger Camp in Almati Woods on 10th Frutor, 4th AC, 2580 at 3h (*). There we will discuss further aspects of your training and of your future path on Atys."
(*) Sunday, 23 November 2014 20:30:00 UTC (9 years ago)]]>
Ghost Of Atys
<![CDATA[Written on official Imperial Army Stationery.]]> Tue, 11 Nov 2014 01:37:27 +0000 EVENTS
Mistia 24 3rdAC 2580
To: Ulyros Xydos Captain, Imperial Army, Pyr Guard Corps.
From: Lyton Cerus, Sergeant, Imperial Army, Security Corps.
Action: Reports of a new "hermit" (or vagrant) in the region of Oflavak's Oasis have been investigated. The homin in question, a Fyros with the name of Iophyrus Phynix, was located and interviewed. He claims to have recently emerged from the deep roots where he survived for many years before his advancing age drove him to seek a less dangerous place to live. He had built a campfire and had a large pile of partially burned wood nearby, but the fire was well-tended (and pleasantly warm in the chill of the evening) and presented no danger.
Evaluation: Harmless.
Recommendation: Periodic inspection.
Lyton Cerus
Ghost Of Atys
<![CDATA[New from the Devs: Patch on October 30]]> Wed, 29 Oct 2014 14:48:33 +0000 OFFICIAL NEWS Hello, 
We are pleased to share with you the latest from the Development Team: A server patch!

Sever Patch
A server patch is scheduled for October 30, 2014. The server will be shut down for about an hour to make the following additions and corrections: 

- Fixed a bug that prevented the application of bonus rites acquired before the server merge. 
- Added hairdressers and tattoo artists to the Marauder camp. Outpost NPCs will be present; however, their functionality is not yet finished and will be completed in the future. 
- The efficiency of the Marauder guards has been improved! They will now act like guards should.
- The Marauder Sage has been permanently moved outside of the camp. 
- Removal of "old style" access to old guild halls and apartments (old Ring terminals).

Additions and Corrections

Gameplay Changes
- Conversion of the old guild halls (with access from the terminal) to new guild halls (with access from the lifts). 
- Extension of Yubo Golf to new parts of Atys.
- Addition of anti-Marauder guards in the cities of the Matis and Trykers.

Forums & WebIG
- Added a system to publish multilingual mode in the forums. 
- Merger of the three language forums ​​to a single multilingual forum. 
- Repair of events titles. 

- Fixed various bugs in RyzHome. 
- Restore the ability to invite friends to apartments. 
- Fixed a bug by sending all of the Christmas 2013 apartment decorations to players who had won at least one. 

News for the Dev Roadmap 
- Tasks in progress or completed by all Ryzom teams - Development Team, Ryzom Core, Ryzom Forge, Ark Technicians, and Event Team - will now be shown in the Dev Roadmap ( ).

Other Ryzom Developments
- New Client is in the Ubuntu Software Center. 
- Upgrade of Arkitect (ARCC) v3 to v4. 
- Improvements to Arkitect (ARCC). 
- Provision of Ryzom Forge EM 10 accounts on the test server. 

Upcoming additions and fixes 
The next tasks that the Devs will prioritize: 
- Adding a mission to create campfires. 
- Reorganization of the event titles, which will be displayed by nation and faction. 
- Activation of outpost NPCs in the Marauder camp. 

The Ryzom team is at your disposal for any questions and feedback you may have! We will see you soon.

The Ryzom Team ]]>
<![CDATA[The Revenge of Anlor Winn (October 31 - November 2)]]> Mon, 27 Oct 2014 17:52:17 +0000 OFFICIAL NEWS The Evil Wind, Anlor Winn, is coming again as it always does, every 20 cycles. The last time was bad; the Ghost Yubo had to be forced back into the rift between the spirit world and Atys. This time the wind is stronger than I have ever felt. I fear that lighting fires and staying indoors may not be enough. Homins must be ready to support each other in this time of evil. Stay aware of your surroundings. Do not let your guard down."

[OOC] Anlor Winn will run from Friday, October 31 through Sunday, November 2. During that time new areas of Yubo Golf will be open for your enjoyment. There will be games and there will be dangers. Zombie bodocs have been spotted. Ghosts and headless homins roam the land. There is even a rumor that the Anlor Winn has taken a body and roams across Atys to steal homins' lives and Seeds.

October 31:

- Yubo golf opens. Zombie bodocs are spawned. Other small games and amusements. All will continue throughout the weekend.

- 1900 UTC. First manifestation of Anlor Winn. Be prepared for battle.

Nov. 1:

- 0600 UTC Second manifestation of Anlor Winn.

- 2100 UTC Third manifestation of Anlor Winn.

Nov. 2:

- 1900 UTC Fourth and final manifestation of Anlor Winn.

Ghost Of Atys
<![CDATA[The forum merge has begun!]]> Sat, 25 Oct 2014 22:25:17 +0000 OFFICIAL NEWS
As you may have already noticed, the forum merge is in progress. 
Ryzom therefore now offers a single forum with multilingual features enabling better communication between the different linguistic communities of the game.

We took the opportunity to redesign some parts of the forums and create others. Thus, the open source project Ryzom Forge now has a specific forum, and the forum Your Creations - allowing you to share your various creations related to Ryzom - has been added for your use too. 

You can set the display language options of the forums by visiting the homepage of the forum and then clicking on "Options" (top right). 

Explanations for using the multilingual system are available here

We encourage you to share your thoughts below about this new forum, your feedback is important! 

Team Ryzom]]>
<![CDATA[Soirée de discussion hrp Equipe d'Animation/Joueurs]]> Tue, 23 Aug 2011 15:48:00 +0000 ROLEPLAY

Qu'est-ce que l'équipe d'animation et quel est son rôle ?
L'équipe d'animation d'Aniro est actuellement composée de neuf bénévoles qui, par passion, prennent sur leur temps irl et sur leur temps de jeu pour essayer de vous faire  vivre pleinement et activement l'Histoire d'Atys. Notre rôle est à la fois d'écrire les scénarios des futurs events et de les jouer avec vous, le tout dans le respect total de la Lore.La plus grosse partie de notre travail se joue en amont, en coulisse, et vous ne la voyez pas, même si elle est quotidienne et intensive. En jeu, nous proposons en alternance des events de portée atysienne et d'autres ciblant une partie des joueurs, soit en moyenne plusieurs events par semaine.

Lorsque vous prévoyez vos scénarios, l'histoire est-elle écrite à l'avance et l'action plus ou moins pré-déterminée, ou bien nos actions ont-elles un REEL impact sur le scénario ?
Nous tissons la trame, mais celle-ci évolue au fur et à mesure en fonction de vos actions. Par exemple, lors des Larmes de l'Empereur, nous avons passé beaucoup de temps à remanier la suite pour tenir compte de vos actions, qui ne sont pas toujours faciles à prévoir. C'est ainsi que sur Aniro, les Fyros ont gagné la guerre, alors que sur Arispotle, la victoire est revenue aux Matis.Nous essayons toujours de valoriser l'investissement des joueurs, et leurs actions peuvent réellement avoir une répercussion sur l'histoire.

Comment assurez-vous la cohérence de vos scénarios dans ce cas ?
Nous avons un fil à suivre pour chaque scénario, nous ne le construisons pas au fur et à mesure. Mais plusieurs fins et chemins sont possibles, et c'est vous qui en décidez.

Lorsque nous avons monté l'ambassade pour la paix, Kiatal et moi avons enquêté sur les origines de la guerre Fyros-Matis, mais essayer d'en trouver l'origine exacte s'est avéré être un véritable chemin de croix. Quasiment impossible de mettre la main sur des indices... On n'a pu se perdre qu'en hypothèses, sans aucun moyen de vérifier le fondement de celles-ci.
D'où ma question : nos actions allaient-elles contre le scénario avec, comme conséquence, l'impossibilité de répondre à nos questions ?
Cette guerre a bien été causée par quelque chose, et en effet, à ce jour, vous n'avez que des hypothèses sur son origine. Il est vrai que les indices ont été minces et vous avez fait plusieurs hypothèses sans pouvoir en valider une... pour le moment. Des indices sur le pourquoi de la guerre, il y en a eu, certains n'ont pas été repérés, et enfin d'autres auraient dû être donnés, mais les actions des joueurs en ont décidé autrement. Si vous continuez à observer autour de vous, vous en découvrirez d'autres qui vous mettront peu à peu sur la bonne voie, mais cela sera pour un peu plus tard.

Je comprends et me rends compte de l'implication des animateurs, mais qu'est ce qui garantit leur impartialité dans le jeu ?
Plusieurs choses le garantissent.Tout d'abord, nous avons tous signé une charte allant dans ce sens.Ensuite, nous écrivons nos scénarios ensemble, afin d'avoir une vision globale de ce que les différents groupes de joueurs attendent. Nous avons toujours en tête que nous animons pour tous, et lorsque nous prenons la casquette d'animateur, nous ne sommes plus que cela.Vous savez que nous sommes aussi des joueurs, aussi cette question est légitime. Etre joueur est pour nous quelque chose de primordial, car c'est en continuant à jouer que nous restons proche de vos attentes. Si ce n'était pas le cas, alors nos events seraient de plus en plus en décalage avec ce que vous espèreriez, et cela ne donnerait rien de bon.Notre système de hiérarchie est également une garantie de notre impartialité.

il y a actuellement plus de kamistes, donc les events tournent en leur faveur (c'est un exemple) ?
Non. Les gros events, dit "de Saga", ont une trame commune pour les trois serveurs, même si les actions des joueurs les font évoluer différemment ensuite. Et comme vous le savez peut-être, les communautés sont différentes d'un serveur à l'autre.Concernant la guerre fyro-matis, elle aurait été mieux placée à un moment d'équilibre entre les factions. Mais l'équilibre sur Aniro ne coïncide pas avec ceux des autres serveurs, et nous ne pouvions pas indéfiniment reculer sa programmation. Les Matis ont perdu la guerre ici parce qu'ils étaient bien moins nombreux que les Fyros, c'est vrai. Mais ils se sont montrés très rusés et se sont beaucoup investis, et ce n'est pas passé inaperçu de leur dirigeant.

Les Maraudeurs ont-ils un avenir, comme quelques joueurs le souhaiteraient ? Et si oui lequel ?
Oui. Avec Les Larmes de l'Empereur s'achève l'Episode 2, celui qui a débuté avec la guerre des Temples. Nous allons débuter l'Episode 3, qui va bouleverser l'Histoire dans bien des domaines. Les Maraudeurs en feront partie intégrante. Si les joueurs voulant jouer ce jeu s'investissent, cela pourrait aller très loin. Mais Paris ne s'est pas fait en un jour, aussi ne vous attendez pas à cela dès demain, mais cela viendra petit à petit.La séquence débutera avec des Maraudeurs PNJ, mais elle s'ouvrira progressivement aux Maraudeurs PJ, jusqu'à leur donner un statut à part entière et un lieu bien à eux.Nous ne pouvons vous en dévoiler davantage sous peine de retirer tout intérêt à la séquence, mais sachez juste que nous voulons donner la possibilité aux joueurs Maraudeurs de jouer leur jeu.

Les events créés sont-ils en rapport avec la suite de l'histoire créée par Nevrax ( la saga) ? Ou fait-on du "sur mesure" ?
La Lore prévoit l'avenir, la trame générale, mais sans entrer dans le détail des scénarios.Notre travail est d'organiser cela en séquences et de jouer chacune de ces séquences en plusieurs events. Par contre, certaines choses prévues à l'origine par la Lore ne pourront jamais se produire. Tout simplement parce que lorsque tout ceci a été écrit du temps de Nevrax, Ryzom disposait d'une grande équipe de développement. Nous ne pouvons en dire plus là-dessus sans révéler le futur prévu par la Lore.

Que se passe-t-il quand l'on ne nous laisse pas suivre ce fil ? Je prends par exemple le sénateur déchu Abycus, les fyros attendent toujours de pouvoir l'interroger et ainsi de comprendre qui est à l'origine de son emprisonnement même si beaucoup ont déjà leur idée.
Nous avons passé pas mal de temps sur ce fil, mais nous avions l'impression que peu de joueurs continuaient à s'y intéresser. Aussi, ayant d'autres priorités, nous avons fait le choix de nous concentrer pour le moment sur la préparation de l'Episode 3. Cela ne signifie pas qu'il n'y aura pas de suite, mais juste que nous ne pouvons pas être partout et que parfois, il nous faut choisir. Si vous souhaitez poursuivre cette enquête, n'hésitez pas à en parler à l'assemblée fyros, nous suivons attentivement ce qu'il s'y passe.

Il y a beaucoup d'events, chose que j'apprécie, mais il est parfois difficile de se renseigner sur les events ratés. Serait-il possible d'avoir une page du wiki dédié, une webIG, que sais-je, pour déposer des cubes d'ambre (chatLog filtrés, avec par exemple l'utilitaire de Kervala) pour les absents ?
Sur le forum IG, chaque event dispose de son propre sujet. Chaque joueur est invité à y répondre en rédigeant ce qu'il a vu de l'event, en y insérant un cube d'ambre, etc...Pour ceux qui ont connu les reportages de MVG, nous songions à quelque chose du genre, fait par les joueurs. L'animation n'a hélas pas le temps de rédiger des résumés de chaque event, donc c'est à vous tous de le faire. Il y a aussi Encyclopatys qui pourrait s'enrichir de toutes ces données. Il y a bien eu aussi une tentative de gazette, mais elle a échoué car elle n'a pas du tout été suivie.

Aura-t-on d'autres events (PvP j'entends) de nation uniquement, comme la guerre fyros-matis (ou à dominante nation du moins) ? Même si je suis conscient qu'actuellement les seuls tensions de nations vraiment importantes sont entre Fyros et Matis et que c'est souvent assimilé à kami-kara, pour un joueur neutre comme moi je trouve important de pouvoir quand même participer au PvP (via des events).
Au niveau des events, ceux à venir cibleront un peu tous les types de joueurs, dans la mesure du possible. Il y aura des events de nation, de faction, mais aussi d'autres très tournés vers le PVP, le PVE ou la politique/diplomatie. En ce qui concerne un futur event PVP du style de la guerre fyro-matis, nous ne pouvons pas vous répondre maintenant, car tout n'est pas encore écrit. Nous sortons ce ce type de séquence, nous allons continuer avec d'autres types avant d'y revenir.

Est ce que vous prévoyez de tuer les K/K ou pas ?
Bien sûr que non. Comme je le disais tout à l'heure, il y aura aussi des events tournés vers les factions, et grâce aux outils de plus en plus performants que nous donne le DEV, nous pouvons faire de plus en plus de choses au niveau technique.]]>
<![CDATA[Zukünftige Entwicklungen]]> Tue, 16 Aug 2011 04:23:27 +0000 OFFICIAL NEWS
Wir sind in der Mitte der Sommerferien und das möchten wir gerne nutzen, um einen prüfenden Blick auf Ryzom und seine zukünftige Entwicklung zu werfen.

Die nächsten Monate werden in Ryzom voller Überraschungen sein. Episode 3 der Saga, die mindestens ein ganzes Jahr in Anspruch nehmen wird, ist gerade gestartet. Sie beinhaltet den Wiederaufstieg der Marodeure und einen alarmierenden Anstieg der Kitinaktivitäten.
Aber dieser Aufschwung des Rollenspiels ist nicht die einzige Überraschung, die wir für euch in der Hinterhand haben. Das kommende Jahr wird nicht nur inhaltliche und entwicklerische Erweiterungen sehen, sondern es werden auch im Rahmen der epischen Saga folgende Features integriert:
  • Eine Marodeur-Stadt;
  • Neue PVP-Zonen;
  • Fraktions-Events basierend auf dem Tempel-Krieg;
  • Kitin- und Marodeur-Invasionen;
  • Die Ankunft von Gooverseuchten Monstern und eine dynamische Ausweitung des Goos;
  • Die Entwicklung der Enzyklopädie V2

Diese Erweiterungen, von denen einige bereits seit langer Zeit gewünscht worden waren, sind bereits geplant und werden während der nächsten Monate entwickelt und implementiert.

Teilt uns weiterhin eure Wünsche auf demRyzom Ideen-Forum mit und zögert nicht, die Neuigkeiten zu verbreiten. Eure Liebe zu Ryzom ist unsere größte Motivationsquelle.

Das Ryzom Team]]>
<![CDATA[Future development projects]]> Tue, 16 Aug 2011 04:21:03 +0000 OFFICIAL NEWS
We are in the middle of the summer holidays and we want to take advantage of this moment to review Ryzom and its future development: What are we working on? What are we planning for the coming months?

The next months on Ryzom will be full of surprises. Episode 3 of the Saga, which will run at least an entire year, just started including the resurgence of Marauders and an alarming increase of Kitin activity. But this roleplay revival is not the only surprise that we have in store for you. This coming year will also see gameplay and dev additions, integrated as the Saga progresses:
  • Marauder city;
  • New PVP zone;
  • Faction events based on the Temple War;
  • Kitins and Marauders invasions;
  • Arrival of Gooified mobs and dynamic progression of the Goo;
  • Development of Encyclopedia v2.
Those additions, some of which have been asked for a long time, are already planned and will be developed and implemented over the coming months.

Continue to let us know your wishes on the Ideas for Ryzom forum and don't hesitate to spread the news. Showing us your love of Ryzom is our great source of motivation.

Ryzom Team]]>
<![CDATA[Ryzom est maintenant disponible en espagnol !]]> Wed, 15 Jun 2011 14:25:54 +0000 OFFICIAL NEWS espagnol !

Pour changer la langue du jeu si vous êtes un ancien joueur, connectez-vous dans le jeu, appuyez sur la touche U puis cliquez sur "Langue", sélectionnez la langue que vous désirez, validez en cliquant sur le bouton OK puis redémarrez le jeu.

Nous vous rappelons que Ryzom est le premier MMORPG Open Source, qu'il est jouable gratuitement (Free to Play) et peut être téléchargé gratuitement pour tous les systèmes d'exploitations suivants : PC, Mac et Linux
<![CDATA[[All] Karavan Researcher (2011/06/18)]]> Wed, 15 Jun 2011 14:01:03 +0000 EVENTS The Karavan Research Division needs homin assistants to aid in collecting data at the Kitins' Lair in Almati Wood. There is a need for guards, larvesters, harvesters, careplanners, and data collectors. Apply at the Karavan Researcher's camp outside the Ranger Camp in Almati Wood on Dua, Harvestor 2, 2nd AC 2556(JY) at 17h* with qualifications and proper gear.

* Saturday, 18 June 2011 20:00:00 UTC (1 decade ago)]]>
Stories Of Atys(arispotle)
<![CDATA[[Fyros] Krankheit des Imperators: Der Trek (Mi, 15.06.11)]]> Mon, 13 Jun 2011 11:14:01 +0000 EVENTS
Alle Rohstoffe, die von den Gibbads für die Herstellung des Heilmittels für Imperator Dexton angefordert wurden, sind gesammelt worden. Es gilt nun, sie zum Dorf der Gibbads zu transportieren. Dies ist eine große logistische Herausforderung, der sich das Imperium jedoch stellen muss.

Wir rufen daher alle Patrioten, Getreuen und Freunde des Imperiums der Brennenden Wüste auf, beim Transport mitzuhelfen. Gebraucht werden vor allem Packtiere, die über Dyron und das Große Buschland bis zu den Gibbads im Nichts geführt werden können. Aber auch Rucksäcke von Homins werden benötigt.

Treffpunkt für das Verladen der Rohstoffe ist bei der Abgabestelle am Fremdenbasar in Pyr, Sammelpunkt für die Abreise der Oststall in Pyr beim Cerakos-Tor.
Zeitpunkt ist der 19. Medis des 3. Zyklus 2557. (ooc: Mittwoch, 15. Juni ab 19:30 Uhr Materialverladen, 20:30 Uhr Abreise)

Für das Imperium!

Kyrin Cedix,
Imperiales Hauptquartier"]]>
Geist Von Atys
<![CDATA[Патч 1.12 - Дополнительные ремесла]]> Wed, 01 Jun 2011 05:30:02 +0000 Русский 1 июня, с 10 до 12 часов утра по парижскому времени, работа игровых серверов будет приостановлена в связи с загрузкой нового патча 1.12.

В процессе работы над патчем мы дали нескольким представителям французского игрового сообщества возможность принять участие в разработке игры в качестве тестеров. Это - наш первый опыт совместной работы, и мы надеемся, что он стал для наших помощников таким же приятным и полезным, как и для нас. Благодарим Belisair, Spliind, Izanagi1, Rasta34 и Ohlmann за их неоценимую помощь. В будущем мы планируем неоднократно предоставлять игрокам возможность принять участие в тестировании игры, следите за объявлениями.

Патч добавляет следующие нововведения:

Дополнительные ремесла

Игроки получат возможность изучить новые ремесла. Приводим список занятий, доступных незамедлительно после патча:
  • Мастер катализаторов : Позволяет создавать катализаторы опыта из товаров, полученных традиционным путем.
  • Алхимик : Позволяет создавать снадобья регенерации, которые можно использовать во время боя.
  • Магистр : Позволяет создавать снадобья, способные принести пользу всему отряду, которые можно использовать во время боя.

Также была разработана новая подсистема, позволяющая добавлять в игру новые ремесла без загрузки патча. В ближайшие недели будет добавлено еще несколько дополнительных ремесел, с которыми вы сможете экспериментировать, а именно:
  • Мастер фейерверков : Позволяет создавать фейерверки.
  • Парикмахер - татуировщик.
  • Мастер кристаллов : Позволяет повышать качество кристаллов.

Новые ремесла не только предоставят вам возможность производить и использовать новые снадобья, повышающие вашу эффективность в бою, но и помогут ролеплеингу!

Изменения, касающиеся кристаллов

Перезарядка кристаллами сэпа изменена: теперь, когда вы используете этот навык, оружие, которое вы держите в руках, перезаряжается. Создавать новые кристаллы больше нельзя.
Все кристаллы, созданные вами ранее будут действовать вплоть до разрядки.

Изменения, касающиеся сбора трофеев

Теперь вы сможете собирать трофеи с противника, уничтоженного NPC или другим монстром. Правила получения опыта не изменились - если противник уничтожен не вами, опыта вы не получите.

Сокращен объем производства на заставах

Объем производства катализаторов опыта на заставах сокращен на 90%, а цветов - на 75%. Изменения коснутся только катализаторов и цветов, объем производства другой продукции останется прежним.
Эти изменения необходимы для того, чтобы сократить количество ненужной продукции, производящейся на серверах.

Изменения, касающиеся телепортации

Последователь Каравана больше не сможет пользоваться соглашениями о телепортации Ками - и наоборот.
Когда ваша известность в кругах Каравана или Ками достигнет 100, визуальный эффект, сопутствующий телепортации, изменится.


Атус Громулус и NPC "fournisseur des terres" перемещены из комнаты Акенака в комнату клирика гильдии.]]>
<![CDATA[Nuevo parche 1.12 - Profesiones especializadas.]]> Wed, 01 Jun 2011 05:24:07 +0000 Español El miércoles 1 de junio entre las 08:00 y 10:00 horas (UTC), los servidores se cerrarán para la aplicación del nuevo parche 1.12.
En la preparación de este parche le hemos dado a los jugadores de la comunidad francesa la oportunidad de ser testers. Esta primera experiencia fue muy enriquecedora para nosotros y esperamos que para ellos también. Agradecemos a Belisair, Spliind, Izanagi1, Rasta34 y Ohlmann por su participación. Esperamos poder seguir dando a los jugadores la posibilidad de ser testers en el futuro y no dudaremos en hacérselos saber!.

Este parche introduce los siguientes cambios:

Profesiones Especializadas

Nuevas profesiones especializadas serán accesibles a los jugadores. Esta es la lista de las ocupaciones que estarán disponibles al momento del parche:
  • Artesano Catalizador: Permite la creación de catalizadores de experiencia desde productos obtenidos por las profesiones primarias.
  • Alquimista: Permite crear pociones avanzadas de regeneración utilizables durante los combates.
  • Auraquimista: Permite crear pociones que dan a todo el equipo un aura beneficiosa y utilizable en combate.

Un nuevo sistema fue desarrollado para permitir la implementación de las profesiones sin necesidad de un nuevo parche. Estas nuevas profesiones especializadas se agregarán regularmente durante las próximas semanas para que así puedan asimilar progresivamente las combinaciones y estrategias. Aquí hay una lista de algunas otras profesiones planeadas:
  • Pirotécnico: Permite la creacion de fuegos artificiales.
  • Estilista: Peluquero / Tatuador
  • Cristalero: Permite incrementar la calidad de los Cristales Merodeador.

Estas nuevas profesiones te proporcionarán nuevas pociones que te permitirán aumentar las habilidades estratégicas durante las batallas difíciles, ¡pero también nuevas posibilidades de juego de rol!

Nuevo sistema de encantamientos

El Sistema de Recarga del arma de la mano derecha ha sido reformado. Con el nuevo sistema, usar esta habilidad recargará inmediatamente el arma de la mano derecha. Ya no será posible crear Cristales de Savia.
Todos los cristales que se hayan creado hasta ahora se podrán usar hasta que se terminen.

Cambios en el Sistema de Botín

Si haces daño a una criatura que fue asesinada por un NPC u otra criatura, podrás ahora saquearla igualmente. Sin embargo, no hay cambios en la obtención de experiencia --una criatura asesinada por un NPC u otra criatura se mantendrá sin dar experiencia.

Disminuida la producción de los Puestos Avanzados

Un ajuste era necesario con respecto a las tasas de produccion de los puestos avanzados. La producción de los Catalizadores de Experiencia es reducida en un 90% y de las Flores en un 75% de su ritmo de producción actual. Sólo estos productos serán afectados, todos los demás permanecerán sin cambios.
Este ajuste era necesario para reducir las excesivas cantidades que eran producidas en todos los servidores.

Cambios en los Pactos de Teletransportación

Ya no es posible para una Karavan usar un pacto de teletransportación Kami ni viceversa.
Si posees un Kami o un Karavan con 100 de Fama, notarás un nuevo efecto gráfico durante la teletransportación.


Atus Gromulus y el Mensajero de la Frontera han sido reposicionados desde un cuarto lateral a una locación frente al Gremio de los Empleados en el Palacio de Pyr, dejando el cuarto disponible para reuniones de Akenak.]]>
<![CDATA[[Kitin-Nest] Ersuchen des Karavan bezüglich Kitin-Aktivitäten (Sa, 28.05.11)]]> Sun, 29 May 2011 21:33:14 +0000 EVENTS
Liebe Homins,

die Feedback-Runde zu den Kitin-Events (Ab Januar 2011) findet am Montag, dem 30. Mai, um 22:00 Uhr im Pavillon in Yrkanis statt.
Die Feedback-Runde wird spätestens um 24:00 Uhr beendet.

Alle Homins sind herzlich dazu eingeladen uns zu diesem Termin ihr Feedback zu der Event-Reihe mitzuteilen.

Herzliche Grüße,]]>
<![CDATA[Neuer Patch 1.12 - Die spezialisierten Berufe]]> Sat, 28 May 2011 14:27:30 +0000 OFFICIAL NEWS Mittwoch, den 1. Juni zwischen 10 und 12 Uhr (Berliner Zeit), werden die Server heruntergefahren um den neuen Patch 1.12 aufzuspielen.

Für diesen Patch haben wir es ausgewählten Spielern der französischen Community ermöglicht, Tester zu werden. Diese ersten Erfahrungen waren für uns sehr bereichernd. Wir danken hiermit Belisair, Spliind, Izanagi1, Rasta34 und Ohlmann für ihre Teilnahme. Wir hoffen, dass wir euch in Zukunft öfters die Möglichkeit bieten können, vorab zu testen.

Dieser Patch beinhaltet die folgenden Änderungen:

Die spezialisierten Berufe

Neue spezialisierte Berufe werden für Spieler zugänglich sein.
Hier die Liste der Berufe, die sofort zugänglich sein werden:
  • Handwerker für Katalysatoren: erschafft Erfahrungs-Katalysatoren aus Produkten der Basis-Berufe.
  • Alchimist: erschafft fortgeschrittene Regenerations-Tränke, die im Kampf verwendet werden können.
  • Aura-Alchimist: stellt Tränke her, die dem Team eine nützliche Aura verleihen und im Kampf verwendet werden können.

Es wurde ein neues System entwickelt, das es erlaubt, Berufe auch ohne einen Patch hinzuzufügen. Sie werden in den nächsten Wochen nach und nach hinzugefügt, damit ihr sie euch nacheinander ansehen und euch mit den Kombinationen und Strategien vertraut machen könnt.
Hier die Liste der kommenden Berufe:
  • Feuerwerker: erschafft Feuerwerk.
  • Frisör / Tätowierer.
  • Kristallisator: verbessert die Qualität der Marodeurskristalle.

Die neuen Berufe bringen euch einerseits gänzlich neue Tränke, die euch neue Möglichkeiten und Strategien in harten Kämpfen geben, andererseits aber auch neue Rollenspiel-Möglichkeiten!

Neues Verzauberungs-System

Das System der Sapkristall-Ladungen wurde überarbeitet. Von nun an lädt die Aktion bei Verwendung unmittelbar die Waffe auf, die ihr in der rechten Hand haltet. Es wird nicht mehr möglich sein, neue Sapkristalle herzustellen.
Die Sapkristalle, die sich noch in eurem Besitz befinden, bleiben bis zu ihrer Verwendung aber noch benutzbar.

Änderung des Loot-Systems

Wenn ihr Schaden an einer Kreatur verursacht habt und diese anschließend von NPCs oder einer anderen Kreatur getötet wurde, habt ihr von nun an trotzdem die Möglichkeit, die Beute zu erhalten.
Es gibt jedoch keine Änderung bei der Vergabe von Erfahrung durch diese Aktion. Ein durch einen NPC oder eine andere Kreatur getöteter Gegner wird euch weiterhin keine Erfahrungspunkte bringen.

Die Produktionsmenge der Außenposten wurde gesenkt

Es war notwendig, die Produktion der Außenposten anzupassen. Von nun an produzieren sie nur noch 10% der Katalysatoren und 25% der Blumen. Allein die Produktionsmenge der Außenposten-Materialien bleibt unverändert.
Diese Anpassung war notwendig, da aktuell zu viele Kristalle im Umlauf sind.

Der Gebrauch von Teleportationspakten wurde angepasst

Es ist ab sofort für einen Karavan-Anhänger nicht mehr möglich, einen Kami-Teleportationspakt zu benutzen und umgekehrt.
Wenn euer Ruhm 100 bei den Karavan beziehungsweise Kami erreicht, gibt es einen neuen Grafik-Effekt, sobald ihr teleportiert.


Atus Gromulus und der Zulieferer-NPC in Pyr wurden zum Gildenschreiber versetzt, um dem Akenak (auf Aniro/Arispotle) einen Tagungsraum zur Verfügung zu stellen.]]>
<![CDATA[New Patch 1.12 - Advanced Occupations]]> Sat, 28 May 2011 14:25:27 +0000 OFFICIAL NEWS On Wednesday, 1 June between 08:00 and 10:00 UTC, the shards will be closed for the application of patch 1.12.

In preparation for this patch we have given some players from the French community the opportunity to be testers.This first experience was very educational for us and hopefully also for them. We thank Belisair, Spliind, Izanagi1, Rasta34 and Ohlmann for their participation! We hope to be able to continue to give players the opportunity to be testers in the future and we will not hesitate to let you know!

This patch introduces the following changes:

Advanced Occupations

New advanced occupations will be accessible to players. Here is the list of the occupations which will be available at the moment of the patch:
  • Catalyst Artificer: Allows you to create experience catalyzers from products obtained by elementary occupations.
  • Alchemist: Allows you to create advanced potions of regeneration usable during fighting.
  • Aurachemist: Allows you to create potions which give to the whole team a beneficial aura and usable during fight.

A new system was developed to allow the addition of new occupations without requiring a patch. New advanced occupations will be added regularly throughout the coming weeks, so that you can assimilate the combinations and stategies progressively. Here is a list of some of the planned occupations:
  • Pyrotechnician: Allows the creation of fireworks.
  • Stylist: Barber/Tattooist.
  • Crystalyst: Allows you to increase the quality of Marauder crystals.

These new occupations will give you new potions which enable you to increase your strategic abilities during your hard battles, but also new Roleplay possibilities!

New enchantment system

The system to recharge your right-hand weapon has undergone some changes. In the new system, using the skill will immediatly reload the weapon in your right hand. It will no longer be possible to create sap crystals.
Sap crystals that you have already created will remain usable.

Loot system changes

If you damage a creature which is killed by NPC or an other creature, you will be now able to loot this creature. There is no change to experience gain however -- a creature killed by an NPC or another creature will still give no experience.

Decreased Outpost production

An adjustment was necessary to the outpost production rates. Experience Catalyzer production is reduced by 90% and flower production will be reduced by 75%. The production of other materials will remain unchanged. This adjustment was necessary to cull the excessive quantities currently available across all shards.

Teleportation pact changes

It is no longer possible for a "karavaneer" to use a "kamist" teleportation pact or vice versa.
If you have a Karavan or Kami fame of 100, you will notice a new graphic effect during teleportation.


Atus Gromulus and the Frontier Messenger have been moved from a side room to a location in front of the Guild Clerk in the Pyr palace, making the side room suitable for Akenak meetings.]]>
<![CDATA[Nouveau Patch 1.12 - Les métiers spécialisés]]> Sat, 28 May 2011 14:22:42 +0000 OFFICIAL NEWS Mercredi 1er Juin entre 10h et 12h (heure de Paris), les serveurs seront arrêtés pour la mise en place du nouveau patch 1.12.

Pour ce patch, nous avons donné la possibilité à certains joueurs de la communauté française de devenir testeurs. Cette première expérience a été trés enrichissante pour nous, et nous l'espérons également pour eux. Nous remercions donc Belisair, Spliind, Izanagi1, Rasta34 et Ohlmann pour leur participation. Nous espérons pouvoir continuer à vous donner la possibilité de devenir testeurs à l'avenir, et n'hésiterons pas à vous le faire savoir.

Ce patch apporte les changements suivants :

Les métiers spécialisés

De nouveaux métiers spécialisés seront accessibles aux joueurs. Voici la liste des métiers qui seront disponibles immédiatement :
  • Artisan Catalyseur : permet de créer des catalyseurs d'expérience à partir des produits obtenus par les métiers élémentaires.
  • Alchimiste : permet la création de potions de régénération avancées utilisables en combat.
  • Magisteriat : Permet de créer des potions qui donnent un halo bénéfique à l'équipe et utilisables en combat.

Un tout nouveau système a été développé pour permettre l'ajout de métiers sans nécessiter de patch. Ils seront ajoutés régulièrement tout au long des semaines afin que vous puissiez assimiler au fur et à mesure les combinaisons et stratégies possibles. Voici la liste des prochains métiers :
  • Artificier : permet la création de feux d'artifices.
  • Coiffeur / tatoueur.
  • Cristalliseur : permet d'augmenter la qualité des cristaux de maraudeur.

Ces nouveaux métiers vous apporteront de toutes nouvelles potions, qui vous permettront d'augmenter vos capacités stratégiques durant vos rudes batailles, mais aussi de nouvelles possibilités de Roleplay !
Nouveau système d'enchantement
Le système de recharge en cristaux de sève a été remanié, désormais l'utilisation de la compétence rechargera immédiatement l'arme que vous portez en main droite. Il ne sera donc plus possible de créer de nouveaux cristaux.
Tous les cristaux que vous avez déjà pu créer resteront utilisables jusqu'à leur épuisement.

Changement dans le système de dépeçage

Désormais, si vous avez effectué des dégâts sur une créature et que celle-ci se fait tuer par des PNJ ou une autre créature, vous aurez quand même la possibilité de récupérer son loot.
Aucun changement cependant concernant le gain d'expérience, une créature achevée par un PNJ ou une autre créature ne vous rapportera rien.

La production des avant-postes a été diminuée

Un réajustement était nécessaire concernant la production de matériaux provenant des avants-postes, c'est chose faite, ils ne produiront désormais plus que 10% des catalyseurs et 25% des fleurs. Seule la quantité de matières d'avant-postes restera inchangée.
Cet ajustement était nécessaire par rapport à la trop grande quantité actuellement en circulation sur les serveurs.

L'utilisation des pactes de téléportation a été mise à jour

Il n'est désormais plus possible pour un karavanier d'utiliser un pacte de téléportation kamiste et inversement.
Lorsque votre renommée atteint 100 en Karavan/Kami, un nouvel effet graphique est intégré lors de votre téléportation.


Atus Gromulus et le PNJ fournisseur des terres de la salle des akenak ont été déplacés en face du clerc de guilde.]]>
<![CDATA[[Kitin-Nest] Ersuchen des Karavan bezüglich Kitin-Aktivitäten (Sa, 28.05.11)]]> Sun, 22 May 2011 21:33:09 +0000 EVENTS Vasallen und Adelige des Königreiches,
Freunde der Matis und des Karavan,
Kämpfer gegen die Kitins,

der Karavan hat der Gilde der Karavia die Aufgabe übertragen, sich um das Tunnel-System, welches die Kitins im Laufe ihrer Wanderungen errichtet haben, zu kümmern.
Er hält es für ratsam, das Tunnel-Netzwerk zu zerstören. Wir gehen davon aus, dass sich die Kitin-Aktivitäten nach der Zerstörung des Netzwerkes wieder auf ein normales Maß reduzieren werden.

Die Zerstörung des Systems werden wir von dem Kitin-Nest des Almati-Waldes aus unternehmen.
Wir konnten bereits die Atys Rangers, welche sich bestens mit dem Kitin-Nest und den darin lebenden Kreaturen auskennen, für unsere Unternehmung gewinnen, da auch sie ein Interesse an der Beruhigung der Kitins haben.

Jedoch ist mit heftigem Widerstand der Kitins zu rechnen, sobald wir tiefer in das Kitin-Nest eindringen werden.
Aus diesem Grund rufe ich im Namen des Karavan, des Königreichs und der Gilde der Karavia alle kampfkräftigen Homins dazu auf, uns bei diesem großen Schlag gegen die Kitins zu unterstützen, um die Städte der neuen Landen zu schützen.

Der Angriff wird am Dua, dem 20. Medis des 2. AZ 2557* stattfinden. Vertreter der Karavia werden sich mit Abgesandten des Karavan, den Atys Rangers und allen Homins, die gewillt sind uns zu unterstützen, um 20:30 Uhr im Lager der Atys Rangers im Almati-Wald treffen.

Ich hoffe auf euer zahlreiches Erscheinen.

Möge Jenas Licht uns im Kampf leiten.

Miana Sinia
Gilde der Karavia

*[Samstag, der 28.05.2011 um 20:30]

[EventInfos: Es handelt sich um ein stark kampflastiges und abendfüllendes Event für Homins der höheren Stufen. Es sind aber auch niedrigstufige Homins dazu eingeladen, an dem Event teilzunehmen]]]>
Miana Sinia
<![CDATA[Frühlingsputz in Ryzom]]> Wed, 18 May 2011 16:48:22 +0000 OFFICIAL NEWS
Wie ihr bereits bemerkt haben werdet, wurde einiges an den Foren geändert.
Aufgrund eures Feedbacks und eurer Vorschläge haben wir beschlossen, die vielen verschiedenen Foren und Webseiten von Ryzom zu vereinfachen und zu konsolidieren. Das sollte die Kommunikation zwischen euch und uns verbessern und es für uns auch einfacher zu machen die Spielergemeinschaft zu verstehen und zu managen.
Der zentrale Punkt der Kommunkation ist das neue offizielle Forum:

Diese Foren wurden überarbeitet um für alle übersichtlicher und praktischer zu sein. Sogar Nicht-Spieler werden auf den allgemeinen Teil des Forums Zugriff haben. In diesen Forum findet ihr nun:
  • Official news (Patches, Patch Notes, etc...)
  • General (Allgemeine Diskussionen)
  • Technischer Service
  • Forum Bugs (Vorschläge um Ryzom zu verbessern - Englisch bitte :-)
  • Offizielle Events (Datum der nächsten Events, ...)
  • Rollenspieldiskussionen

Folgende Webseiten/Foren wurden geschlossen:
  • Ehemalige Feedback-Seite für Verbesserungsvorschläge für Ryzom
  • Ehemaliges Ankündigungsforum
  • Ehemaliges Rollenspielforum auf

Natürlich ist es euch möglich auf die alten Foren hier und RP hier lesend zuzugreifen.

Wir sind davon überzeugt, dass sich diese Änderungen sehr positiv auf das Spiel und die Spielgemeinschaft auswirken werden und ihr diese nicht mehr missen werdet wollen!

Viel Spass im Spiel!]]>
<![CDATA[Spring Cleaning for Ryzom]]> Wed, 18 May 2011 06:49:36 +0000 OFFICIAL NEWS
As you may have noticed, there have been some changes in the forums.
After your feedback and requests, we have decided to simplify and consolidate all of the different forums and websites used by Ryzom. We did this to improve the communication between yourselves, and also to make it more easy for us to manage and understand the whole community.

The focal point of communication is the new official forum:

These forums have been revised to be more useful and readable by all, and even non-players have access to the general sections. In these forums you will now find:
  • official news (patch, release notes, etc...)
  • general discussions
  • technical support
  • ideas for improving Ryzom
  • official events (date of the next events, ...)
  • role play discussions

Following website/forums have been closed:
  • former feedback site, with ideas to improve Ryzom
  • former official vbulletin forum
  • former roleplay forum at

Of course, you will still be able to access the old forums here and RP here (read only).

We are confident that these changes will be beneficial for the game and its community, and that you will soon find your bearings!

Good game everyone!]]>
<![CDATA[Ménage de printemps pour Ryzom]]> Wed, 18 May 2011 06:47:16 +0000 OFFICIAL NEWS
Comme vous avez pu le remarquer, les forums ont subi des modifications profondes.
En effet, suite à vos remarques et demandes, nous avons décidé de simplifier et surtout de regrouper les différents forums et sites, afin de favoriser la communication entre joueurs, et aussi permettre une meilleure gestion et compréhension de l'ensemble de la communauté.

Le point central de communication est désormais le nouveau forum officiel:

Ce forum a été remanié pour qu'il soit lisible par tous, même les non joueurs. Vous y trouverez maintenant :
  • les news officielles (patch, release notes ...)
  • les discussions générales
  • le support technique
  • les idées pour améliorer Ryzom
  • les events officiels (date des prochaines animations, ...)
  • les discussions role play

Les sites/forums suivant ont été fermés :
  • l'ancien site externe des idées pour améliorer Ryzom
  • l'ancien forum officiel vbulletin
  • l'ancien forum role play d'
Bien entendu, nous vous avons laissé la possibilité de consulter les anciens forums ici et RP ici (en lecture uniquement).

Nous espérons que ces changements seront bénéfiques au jeu et à sa communauté et que vous retrouverez vite vos repères !
Bon jeu à tous !]]>