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[BUG] Map offset is off when scrolling map in other view

Hello, I just ran into that one. Never happened before, at least never pre-2.0.

Map default is to be centered on toon in current region.
I have a full-screen map in View 4 (F4) that I switch to when I need to locate a flag or teammates.
If I scroll the map in View 4, then revert to View 1, the map takes into account the changed offset, BUT does not update the visible map.
If I try to edit a flag in View 1, the first edit is fine, but the next edit selects the wrong one, an existing flag with a different name/title.
Resetting the map to be centered on toon does not reset this behavior.

I'll check later to see if it's reproductible.

EDIT: Switching regions does reset the bug.
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