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Mac Crashes getting WORSE!!

If it's getting worse over time (without any updates to the game) there's a high possibility that it's not the fault of Ryzom (it might just react the fastest to it)

I can give you some hints what it might be if Ryzom is at fault though (but keep in mind that paths' relate to the windows version so you might have to search on your system)

There are 4 cache files in the data directory (xxn is ari1, ani1, lea1 or rr1)
it might be that this cache is gradually getting overloaded (my lea1 file is ~1MB, the others 1-5KB)

There are a lot of files in the cache directory (I think from the ingame browser) called hash.cache (hash is a long alphanumeric string) - maybe too many files in there?

In the save directory are some files regarding your screen-setup and keys (keys_charname.xml, keys_r2ed_charname.xml and interface_charname.icfg)
The interface file has ~40KB, the keys ~20KB and the ring keys 9KB

In the unpack directory are a lot of .idx files from patches and a few others.

You could try moving the respective files to an other location to test if the problems are getting better.
Be warned though that a lot of settings are in the files from the save directory! (window-positions, map markers, makros, key-assignments, ...)
That's the reason why I say you should "move" the files and not "delete" them. (you can always move them back if something stops working or it doesn't help)


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