Collecting your interface woes

Action Bar/Aciton Editing Window Enhancements:
- Selectable Icons for the Actions
- Tool Tip to explain WHY an action cannot be used/cast (Requires Piercing Weapon, for example)
- Second, more customizable, Action Bar - Maybe a couple more, or just the ability to separate the Action Bar's 'pages' from the main Action Bar, and move them around as their own window. This would act just as the tabbed Chat Windows minus the tabs.
- Add the ability to drag an Action 'OFF' of the bar so that it actually deletes the Action. Just a simpler and quicker way to remove actions, versus right-click/delete action.
- Make the Current Action 'cast' bar moveable/disable-able. I usually don't even pay attention to it, I just focus on the one right above my character's head and the one under the action bar seems like it should be moveable.

I do know that the 'cast' bar can be changed to appear in the gauge window, however that just takes up more room, and once again it's still not used, at least imho.
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