Collecting your interface woes

BTW I've gone all sywindt on the thread


  • The character limit in mail and forum posts from in game.
  • Compass resetting from target to north when teleporting or restarting the game.
  • CTRL+M activates the chat window even when CTRL+M is set to open/close my macro window (it does both).
    Auto add of stanzas to the shortcut bar. It's handy for new homins but after a while, what a pain! Perhaps make it an option?
  • Chat line character limit. Normal chat, this is not a problem. Setting a guild MOTD becomes a problem especially if using multiple colors in the message. I understand and like the limit for normal chat but sometimes those guild MOTDs need to be a little longer. Perhaps a separate dialog in the Guild window to set the MOTD? Example MOTD that barely fits: /guildmotd @{f44f}WAR! Saturday 26 May 2012, 1100 UTC. @{f80f}Assembly of the Awakened Friday 25 May 2012, 2000 UTC. @{ee3f}Keep up to date on all the guild news by reading the forums! ((shift + w))

  • Love the inventory filters, would like to see the vendor filters of craft materials (armor shell, magic focus, etc.) added to inventory filters. Basically make inventory filters identical to vendor filters.
  • Select and Copy to clipboard from the chat windows! It's a pain to have to pull up my log file to simply copy and paste to a browser.
  • Mark forum posts as unread or star them for later reading.
  • AFK notice (change of icon) in friends and guild lists.

Yes, I realize that some of these might not fall under THE UI as intended but all are UI issues.


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