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I am a new user, just left the newbie-land. So far, I find the game terrific, but....

On my Mac, although sluggish, gameplay isn't too bad, and mostly playable. On my PC running Windows 7, gameplay is impossibly slow. I must be missing something here. The Windows machine has duo-core, 2 G ram, 64 bit, with an Intel G33 internal video chipset. Should I be using a window display?

Any ideas? :-)


I suspect the problem is with the Internal video. You have a far more competent machine than I do. (Mine is mono-core, 2.1GHz, 2GB, 32bit, fullscreen (but I have an NVIDIA 9600GT graphics card).)

Ryzom is a memory hog, so the fact that your video is sharing the 2GB with the program might be related as well.

I'm sure you've already tried the usual tricks of reducing graphics settings, making sure your drivers are up-to-date, etc. You might also check and make sure that the internet communications on the two machines are equivalent, since downloading from the server is another potential bottleneck.

Just some thoughts. Some people have also done tricks with assigning programs to different processors in the duo-core CPU.


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