The Sanctuary

First a BIG thanks to Harv for extending Beroth and I an invitation to Sanctuary guild. I can’t express with words how much fun I’ve had as a member of Sanctuary, from teaming up and foraging in Prime Roots, to exploring occupations in Almati Woods, to whacking named mobs as we trek around the world, Sanctuary members have made the game 100 times more enjoyable.

Second I need to apologize to everyone, especially Beroth, for pointing out and wanting to kill every named (boss) that crosses my path. Sometimes we are successful, sometimes we aim for something bigger than us, sometimes I get everyone in trouble, but above all we always have fun. Team work is always present in Sanctuary and I think it admirable that everyone works so well together. Thank you guys, you are the best!

And third I’d like to welcome Highstorm to the Sanctuary team. I hope his membership is as enjoyable as it has been for me.
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