Managing your guild

Currently it is not overly easy to manage a guild in Ryzom and the "G" guild window doesn't really tell you very much information.

It would really help us to manage our guilds if Dev's could help us with this one.

Update the Guild window adding the following Tabs
Last Logged in
Tick box for changes (Mass changes ie removing half a dozen inactive players, promotions etc)
Kick, Promote, Demote button add at the bottom of the window (Working with the Tick box addition)

It's not much but it would help us to manage our guilds a little more effectively.

It would be nice to be able to assign rights ie access to the Guild Hall, ability to declare war etc to individual's to do this we would need to have a permissions window (possibly another tab in the Guild window) that would allow the leadership of a guild to manage each member this is more important for smaller or newer guilds as they are seriously restricted on the number of High Officers they can have due to the lack of membership.

The Soul

For those selecting "Terrible" please take the time to put why so that the suggestion can be improved and the negative aspects reworked.

Suggestions only get better when folks actively take part.
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