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Aeden Artisans

Aeden Artisans is once again recruiting new members! We are looking for both new and experienced homins to join our guild of crafters and warriors.

Recently, Aeden Artisans has been hunting marauder bosses with the aid of our fellow Karavan, as well as defending our outpost in Loria from encroaching Kami guilds. We have hunting teams running every day for low and high level players, and we like to participate in some PvP for fun every once in a while.

I would like to welcome some great new members: Drekai, Zeezee, Quillon, Korvah, and Avil.

If this sounds like the guild for you, send a /tell in-game to our leader, Hechicera
One of our High officers: Hekla, Beeficus, Gizlo, Syliph, Soloreaper or myself (Crailus)
Or one of our officers: Atheamas, Chongon.

Any questions about us can be directed at those names or anyone you may come across with an Aeden Artisans tag.
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