Music and Musical Instruments

I like the idea very much, it could be a unique feature to Ryzom.

There will be lots of developer's work involved but I think most of it does not need to be done by the (paid) core developers. The hardest parts will be the composer, instrument modeling and playback which can all be developed independently from Ryzom itself.

I dont know if we even need another skill tree for that - or put the emphasis on the crafting of instruments and songs. Good instruments and compositions may give some boni to every homin hearing it.

The game could determine what boni or mali a song creates based on harmonics, rhythm and likes/dislikes of the peoples. These rules should ensure that songs which sound well to us are likely to give boni. This algorithm is hidden in the game and more complex than the crafting algorithms making it very hard (almost impossible) to find the perfect song even for one race. Remember: it took quite a while for the item crafting formulas to be discovered and they are pretty simple and easy to figure out (item craft preview doesn't require any meaterial to be actually spent to figure it out).

Boni or mali could just be enough to make it viable (from the perspective of game mechanics) to have one homin of a full team play a song instead of healing/nuking. Larger groups (marauder raid groups, op fight partys) would benefit even more.


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