Music and Musical Instruments

(I don't know what "Noteflight" is, so forgive me if this is like what you're referring to there.)

As for composition, I as an amatuer, liked the way the player could compose in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Several buttons on the controller were for the various notes, and the stick allowed both raising or lowering the pitch by half a note and trilling it. An ocarina's a pretty simple instrument, as I understand it, but how about doing something similar for these instruments? Some of the keyboard keys (you're told which :P) are for notes, and moving the mouse or using the scroll wheel allows for raising and lowering the pitch by half a note. More complicated key setups for better instruments. Maybe even something like Frets on Fire's keyboard setup for one of them?

This post and the previous are just some ideas I thought of.
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