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Future development projects

Dear Players,

We are in the middle of the summer holidays and we want to take advantage of this moment to review Ryzom and its future development: What are we working on? What are we planning for the coming months?

The next months on Ryzom will be full of surprises. Episode 3 of the Saga, which will run at least an entire year, just started including the resurgence of Marauders and an alarming increase of Kitin activity. But this roleplay revival is not the only surprise that we have in store for you. This coming year will also see gameplay and dev additions, integrated as the Saga progresses:
  • Marauder city;
  • New PVP zone;
  • Faction events based on the Temple War;
  • Kitins and Marauders invasions;
  • Arrival of Gooified mobs and dynamic progression of the Goo;
  • Development of Encyclopedia v2.
Those additions, some of which have been asked for a long time, are already planned and will be developed and implemented over the coming months.

Continue to let us know your wishes on the Ideas for Ryzom forum and don't hesitate to spread the news. Showing us your love of Ryzom is our great source of motivation.

Ryzom Team


Yumeroh | Senior Gamemaster | Community Manager | Senior Tester Manager
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