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Aeden Artisans

Aeden Artisans is looking for new members! We welcome homins of all races and of all degrees of playing experience. If you are new to Atys, we will provide you with gear, show you the best places to hunt and trek you to the different continents.

We also have fun! We hunt together, kill bosses, and help each other forage supreme materials in the Prime Roots. We enjoy each other’s company, both in guild chat and on our Ventrilo server.

We are are a Karavan guild, and a member of the Karavan Alliance; as such we support our fellow Karavan guilds in the PvP battles for outposts. Attendance is strongly encouraged, but not required. Our home is in Aeden Aqueous, land of the Trykers, also known as the Lakelands. We are a true Tryker guild (though again, we invite homins of all races) in that we reflect the Tryker values of “Freedom, equality, sharing.” You’ll be free to explore Atys and play how you’d like - either soloing or in teams, you’ll be part of a guild that respects and values all its members, and you’ll enjoy a true sharing community in which we’ll share our knowledge and love of this wonderful planet of Atys.

You can find out more about Aeden Artisans and see some of our resources at our website: www.aedenartisans.com

Send any of the below a /tell to find out more about the guild!

Leader and High Officers
Hechicera, Aruchima, Atheamas, Beeficus, iliana, Crailus, Drekai, Entendu, Foxykitten, Goldcrest, Hekla, Mashnee, Soloreaper, Utai and Zeezee
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