Music and Musical Instruments

M'mm, music player devices. That's a good idea. Only the holder of the device would be the one to hear the music. It would be a container; you add a copy of whatever music you want to play, and it shows up in the list of selectable tracks. You could then also choose to take the copy out of the music player. Each track you play causes a bit of durability damage.

Perhaps if grouped, you could share your music with the group, and they could have the option to listen or not? This would allow a smaller, somewhat private event to still have the benefits of music without forcing itself on everyone around them and without requiring a full band in addition to the event participants. Want to woo your beloved? Compose a piece of music and surprise him or her with it!

And the magical orbs sound like a Jukebox, which would be a music player for everyone to hear. Could be an object you purchase for your Apartment or Guild Hall and even scattered around towns in popular areas, for places other than central pavilions where you might expect live performances. Jukeboxes could have three modes: random shuffle (continuous play), programmed play (tracks in order, continuous play), or user-selectable (non-continuous play). Jukeboxes in public places could cost dappers to pick a track.

In the Apartment, the owner makes the rules, and in the Guild Hall, the GL/HO make the rules. Others should be able to add a copy of music to the jukebox, but the owner or GL/HO should have to approve it before it can be played. In public places, the members of that civilisation's gov't would have to approve/add the music. I don't know how furniture works (my apartment is barren) but I assume there would be no durability worries with the Jukeboxes.

The music players (personal and jukebox) would be able to play the full range of all tracks of a composition. Maybe at a certain skill level, you can get a racial pattern for a Basic Quality (personal) Music Box, then a Medium Quality, and then a High Quality (at 150 in each music crafting skill?). If it is ever possible to craft furniture in the future, have an option for an Elemental Jukebox that has a little bit of a light show, based on racial origin.

During events, such as the Fairhaven Faire coming up, a jukebox could be playing in the background the whole time for ambiance. Then, at a scheduled time, the jukebox is turned off so live performances can be presented. That would free people up to enjoy the event but still add a little bit of extra festive atmosphere.

These could probably be considered new-ish ideas compared to the original, but they absolutely depend on the primary idea to be implemented, else we are asking the devs to compose hours and hours of original music.

I also suggest that composition for certain instruments that can in RL play multiple notes at once (i.e. guitar, harp) is track-based. You would in those cases be able to have multiple notes played simultaneously.

Definitely 100% agree with having polyphonic instruments actually be polyphonic. Maybe have to set a limit on number of voices each polyphonic instrument can have?
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