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New Patch 1.12 - Advanced Occupations

Im thinking about the Sap Crystal thing. Sap Crystals make leveling certain skills possibl;e (i.e. close combat) by allowing you t actually survive fights solo up to the mid 220's or so. Will this still be possible under the new system ? Given the current population, if this is a "no", I can see myself spending les time on line.

Actually, the new enchantment system will be harder to use, given u cannot move while casting the skill. So, something will be impossible to do after the change.... and no more kiting possible.
On the other side... crystals will be still available to the racial merchant.
I think this is something that need some testing and rebalancing.... maybe a change in the actual max sap load of weps or change the skill so it can be casted while moving..... dunno really. In the actual state, the change will make enchants a bit hard to use.


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