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New Patch 1.12 - Advanced Occupations

On Wednesday, 1 June between 08:00 and 10:00 UTC, the shards will be closed for the application of patch 1.12.

In preparation for this patch we have given some players from the French community the opportunity to be testers.This first experience was very educational for us and hopefully also for them. We thank Belisair, Spliind, Izanagi1, Rasta34 and Ohlmann for their participation! We hope to be able to continue to give players the opportunity to be testers in the future and we will not hesitate to let you know!

This patch introduces the following changes:

Advanced Occupations

New advanced occupations will be accessible to players. Here is the list of the occupations which will be available at the moment of the patch:
  • Catalyst Artificer: Allows you to create experience catalyzers from products obtained by elementary occupations.
  • Alchemist: Allows you to create advanced potions of regeneration usable during fighting.
  • Aurachemist: Allows you to create potions which give to the whole team a beneficial aura and usable during fight.

A new system was developed to allow the addition of new occupations without requiring a patch. New advanced occupations will be added regularly throughout the coming weeks, so that you can assimilate the combinations and stategies progressively. Here is a list of some of the planned occupations:
  • Pyrotechnician: Allows the creation of fireworks.
  • Stylist: Barber/Tattooist.
  • Crystalyst: Allows you to increase the quality of Marauder crystals.

These new occupations will give you new potions which enable you to increase your strategic abilities during your hard battles, but also new Roleplay possibilities!

New enchantment system

The system to recharge your right-hand weapon has undergone some changes. In the new system, using the skill will immediatly reload the weapon in your right hand. It will no longer be possible to create sap crystals.
Sap crystals that you have already created will remain usable.

Loot system changes

If you damage a creature which is killed by NPC or an other creature, you will be now able to loot this creature. There is no change to experience gain however -- a creature killed by an NPC or another creature will still give no experience.

Decreased Outpost production

An adjustment was necessary to the outpost production rates. Experience Catalyzer production is reduced by 90% and flower production will be reduced by 75%. The production of other materials will remain unchanged. This adjustment was necessary to cull the excessive quantities currently available across all shards.

Teleportation pact changes

It is no longer possible for a "karavaneer" to use a "kamist" teleportation pact or vice versa.
If you have a Karavan or Kami fame of 100, you will notice a new graphic effect during teleportation.


Atus Gromulus and the Frontier Messenger have been moved from a side room to a location in front of the Guild Clerk in the Pyr palace, making the side room suitable for Akenak meetings.


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