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Ryzom Forge meeting report – May 13, 2024

1 - Ryzom's twentieth anniversary

Margote (RT) – 19:34 UTC
Twenty days of festivities are planned, from September 16 (the anniversary of the game's release in the USA) to October 5, 2024. A birthday cake and a fireworks display (or two) are planned, and several mini-games will be offered throughout this period, all of them OOC. There will be some unique items to be won, but these will be decorative items only.
However, as roleplay was and remains the soul of Ryzom, there will be moments dedicated to this aspect of the game. In addition, during these 20 days, we'll try to evoke what the game was like in its early days and show that, despite its 20 years of age, it's still evolving.
We're thinking of opening a discussion thread on the forum or on social networks where you can leave your messages and other video creations and drawings (or any other idea designed to wish Ryzom a happy birthday) or tell us what Ryzom has meant to you over these 20 years. If you've got a great idea but need a little help, you can contact us through Pavor (via direct message in Ryzom chat).
To conclude, I'd like to remind you that we want this party to resemble you: we therefore await your suggestions on the forum's thread Suggestion box for the 20th anniversary of Ryzomdu forum.
The floor is yours: questions, suggestions, comments...

Q: I'm planning to start shortly making videos to present the game. Who should I contact to discuss their content? Or do I have complete freedom?
Your videos are always welcome, and communication for now is indeed all about showing Ryzom to those who don't know it. Jadeyn is the one in charge of the videos in general... so the one I suggest you contact to create yours.

Q:Couldn't we erect a monument at the Nexus to commemorate this anniversary?
We've started thinking about something like that.

2 - Silan Refactoring

Ulukyn (RT) – 19:59 UTC
I'll go quickly on this one, as I'm not in great condition. I'll save my strength for the next one.
Actually, I was thinking of asking for your feedback on the Silan Refactoring here, but I guess the best thing is to open a forum thread where you can give it. However, we're already planning to remove the small chest to keep just one large chest and place a permanent chest offering only psykoplas.
That's all for this topic (I've kept it very short :D).

Q: Could the planned opening of this thread please remind us what this Silan Refactoring consisted of?
Sure !

3 - Guild inventories extensions

Ulukyn (RT) – 20:02 UTC
These have been under test for several days and are well on the way to being implemented soon. The chosen system is as follows.
• Guild inventories (accessible from Guild Islands) will be divided into several chests (20 maximum).
• The guild inventory tab will be replaced by two tabs, GH 1 and GH 2, each of which can display the contents of one of the guild's chests. This means that two chests can be viewed simultaneously, and you can choose which chest to display.
• Each chest will have 500 slots and a variable volume capacity. New chests (up to a maximum of 20) can be built on the Guild Island. They will physically appear there and can be individually enlarged, i.e. increased in volume.
• It will be possible to name each chest to make it easier to find, but also to grant, according to guild rank (member, officer or higher, senior officer or higher, leader only) three permissions:
— 1: Who can see the contents of the chest;
— 2: Who can deposit in the chest;
— 3: Who can take from the chest.
A member who is not allowed to view the contents of a chest won't be able to deposit items in it, and there will be only one safe reserved for the guild leader.
• Each chest will have a menu for changing its size, name or permissions.
• Building new chests and enlarging existing ones will become increasingly expensive. This cost will only be paid for in supreme drilled MPs or guild points, to which we may add MP collected from Bosses (currently in test).
Some questions ?

Q: Will players still have to be P2P subscribers for their characters to be able to access their guild's chests?
Yes, this will remain unchanged.

Q: For a guild populated by low-level characters, will OP-MPs be linked to the ability to drill 150, 200, 250, supreme MPs?
We haven't definitively validated the idea yet, but it's possible that the Quality required will depend on the number of chests already built. For example, small guilds could have their first chests built with Q150, the next ones with Q200 and the last chests with Q250 (the more chests you want, the higher the Quality will have to be).

Q: Are there any plans to introduce later such an expansion system for a character's own apartment?
No. The size of apartment storage will remain unchanged.

Q: Will the quantity of raw materials drillable on a given spot be increased?
Opinions differ from player to player on this point: some find it too high, already...

Q: How many MPs will be necessary to increase storage capacity? Is it possible to have an idea?
I really don't know, it will depend on how many chests a guild already have. The idea is to be able to easily double or triple the storage capacity and, as mentioned above, the more capacity you want, the more MPs you'll need. But we need time to measure the increase in GH volume and assess the impact of these arrangements on the server.

Q: When might these extensions be available?
If not this week, then during the first week of June.

Various issues

20:40 UTC
Q: Are there any plans to teleport from Guild Hall to Guild Island?
Not really, but when we add decorations to the GH, we'll be able to decide if they can be complemented by a teleporter to Guild Island. And we'll test access to the Island from one of the now-useless coach doors.

Q: What about the staircase leading down into the water (the watercut) from the docks at Fairhaven?
I'm putting it in place right away!

Q: Could New Horizons offer a function for moving the contents of an apartment to a new apartment?
This isn't necessary: capital cities' grooms already allow you to teleport packers (although they seem to exclude them <- this will be corrected), loaded or not, to another capital city's stable for a modest contribution in elyps.

The meeting is closed at 21:12 UTC.
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