[Fyros] Pyr akenak assembly

Lyren explains his point of view, that the renegades' opinion should be taken into account before things get ugly. It was decided that the ambassadors would take on the task of listing the grievances of the other tribes, to avoid further rancor.

Matis Salazar explains that we shouldn't be too mean to the former renegade leader, who is being held prisoner, and that the measure of a nation's greatness is its mercy. In short, the usual orko spiel. As if we were barbarians out to get a prisoner. Graphybus also points out that the trial date has not yet been set.

Opening of the topic on the resumption of diplomatic relations with the Matis.

Ulymorus thinks we don't have to be flat-headed to resume diplomatic relations with the matis. This change of heart questions Graphybus; the patriot explains that he's been scalded by the negotiations with the matis during the water route and has understood who he's dealing with.

Lyren takes the floor to say that she's in favor of resuming dialogue, otherwise she doesn't see why we accept the matis at our assemblies.

Azazor points out, as Lyren said, that we are much more open-minded than the matis. He proposes not to allow matis to come to us (and encourage other nations to do the same) until the matis assemblies are open to all.

Naveruss has also changed her mind and is no longer in favor of resuming diplomatic relations with the Matis. In particular, she expects them to apologize for poisoning the akenakos Azazor with black sap and to hand over the culprit, Canillia, to fyros justice.

Salazar comes to explain that he needs written proof that it's Canillia, despite his oral confession. Azazor slaps him in the face, and he stands up to Graphybus, who reminds him of the discipline. The celiakos tells him something like 'tar ta gueule at recess.

Yokao explains that what she sees gives her the impression that the fyros only want war with the matis.

Discussion on resuming diplomatic relations with the marauders. Ulymorus says that the marauders only want chaos and finds no resemblance between the marauders of the NT and those described by Azazor on the AT. Azazor explains that this must be done to weaken Akilia by valorizing the marauders who distance themselves from it. Once again, Naveruss is finally convinced.

We wonder if the guests have any say in the matter. Azazor thinks they don't have a say. But Naveruss reminds us that this isn't a place for orskos, and that we can talk even if we're not fyros.

Eolinius takes up the subject. How do you tell the difference between a good marauder and a bad one? Well, a bad marauder is a guy who sees someone and hits him. A good marauder, on the other hand, sees a guy, taps him, but he's a good marauder.

Azazor proposes to contact the marauders. And end of meeting.


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