[Fyros] Pyr akenak assembly

Most of the homins were present before the arrival of the celiakos Gaphybus. This was an opportunity to introduce themselves to the new Zoraï ambassador Yokao.

The akenak got off to a slow start, due in part to Tryker chatter and ignorance of the correct seating arrangements for guests. It was therefore necessary to remind everyone once again that patriots go to the right gallery on entering, and guests to the left. Note that if we were in the agora, it would be easier and there would be more room. A number of homins have found themselves trapped because of the narrowness of the stands.

The akenak begins, with the choice of Fyros ambassadors. There were three candidates. Shallah, who was rejected on the grounds that this fyrette did not inspire confidence (too recent a presence in the desert and rambling). She finally withdrew, claiming she had never wanted to run.

Then Lyren and Ulymorus showed up and were both selected after close questioning by Naveruss and Azazor.

A word to the foreign ambassadors. Zoraï ambassador Yokao tells us that studies on the amber cube containing the piece of black stinger given to the Zoraï have triggered its explosion, releasing a kind of black molasses. Naveruss suggests studying this substance on plants and animals. Graphybus asks the ambassadors to obtain a copy of the scientific report on this study.

Report from Tryker ambassador Lorlyn. Well, report... that's a big word. The trykette was even more stupid than usual, hallucinating and talking nonsense. In particular, she spoke of famine in Trykoth after the water rot, which of course is a total fabrication. She was removed manu militari by Trykers Kyriann and Eolinius.

Lorlyn is replaced by Eolinius. Eolinius confirms that the Federation is not suffering from famine. However, he points out that compensation for the water route is still outstanding. The Empire had promised to supply materials and tools. It therefore seems necessary to organize a caravan from Pyr to Fairheaven to keep our promise. We also noted a lack of communication between fyros and tryker, which led to a minor diplomatic incident with this disastrous negotiation between matis and fyros on the passage of the road through the forest. The absence of a Fyros diplomat seems to be partly to blame. The fact that there are now two Fyros ambassadors should solve the problem.

Eolinius remarks that the Matis ambassador Nilstilar has not been seen since the water route. The matis present at the assembly make very bad insinuations that the fyros are responsible. The aggression of the akenakos Azazor by the viscountess Leeis and his kidnapping in reprisal are brought up again, as if this constituted any proof.

(Technical interruption of the meeting due to late hour. Resumption the following day)

The usual blah-blah until the officials arrive.

Discussion of the Renegade attack. Summary of the situation.

Patriots speak out on the subject. Ulymorus points out that, although his surname is identical to that of the former renegade leader, he has no connection with him.


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