[Fyros] Pyr akenak assembly

Like a Kitin in a cage, Salazar wandered up and down in the Argo Navis Arboretum, his white, delicate fingers caressing the leaves of plants he passed by. He didn't recognise, though; he was too deep in thought. The Akenak Assembly had given him plenty of food to think about, actually, and while some of the things he saw and heard ranged from the amusing to the embarrassing, there also were two things he had to chew on a bit.

That Azazor would take the stage again, with all his ill manners, his lack of discipline, and his childish efforts at menacing his supposed enemies - that was expected. That he would turn the tide and would lead the Fyros back from the brink of civilisation into barbary had always been an opportunity. His plans to invite Marauder ambassadors were downward crazy, though. Even he could not be such a fool to imagine Akilia would not smell it out and stamp any deviants into the ground. Unless ... Well, there was, of course, the opportunity that Azazor, in his madness, had the intention to "free" the Desert from the Higher Powers. The Akenak he already had into his pocket, of course, with Ambassadors of his own choice, and Naveruss now eating out of his hand. He clearly had not a bit of respect towards the Celiakos and turned publicly against him. It might well be that he has plans taking over the Empire, for which he would need the help of the lawless, the Marauders. This had to be under observation by all nations.

Azazor's full control of the Akenak in turn made any plans to re-instal diplomacy between the Fyros and Matis obsolete. There was no point in following up that trail, and that the Assembly ended on the note that they'll wait what the Kingdom has to say was farcial at best, but not funny.

Then there were those two other things. On a simply practical note, one would be able to deal with both of them, and from that point of view Salazar didn't worry too much about either. One, of course, had to be handled with delicacy; but here he had played the cards back to the Akenak for the time being, and they would have to show their hand first. The other one - well, Ser Nilstilar was not just a Royal Ambassador, but a friend, someone Salazar actually was fond of. So he had to be found, and it had to be taken in consideration that maybe he was abducted (Azazor's Fyros, opposing the return to diplomacy? Who knows ...)

The lean Matis rushed out of the Arboretum up into his office to pick paper and a quill. He sat down and grabbed for the quill when he noted that tips of his fingers had turn violet, and he became aware that, while in thought, he had also touched some of the poisonous plants. He rubbed off the poison carelessly on a piece of cloth, and then started to write ...


Salazar Caradini
Filira Matia
Royal Historian
Member of the Royal Academy of Yrkanis
First Seraph of the Order of the Argo Navis
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