[Fyros] Pyr akenak assembly

To prepare the future akenak, Azazor was looking over the minutes of the last meeting, which he had been unable to attend as he was still in the Old Lands.

Given the chill cast by his letter concerning a rapprochement with the Marauders, it would be a delicate matter for him to raise the subject again. Perhaps he should wait a little longer, or risk angering the patriots more than anything else. Already, he was going to listen to the people's opinion about the other desert tribes, and in particular the Renegades. That would be the first step.

As for the water route, Balder's detal had reported nothing on the subject, and on the rare occasions he had come across him since, he had been in such a drunken state that he was unable to remember anything. Still, he would have liked to know the patriots' initial opinion on the proposal to pass through the Naveruss Matis forest. He would have liked to see who thought it was stupid, and who he could rely on in a few days' time to ensure that such a route was never proposed again. But he would have to live with it.

Besides, she needed to find Balder to remind him of the meeting. Just to make it clear to him that he had to come, so he couldn't come up with any lame excuse to get out of it. He had signed up to be an akenos. His status allowed him to drink on the side. But he still had to assume a minimum of responsibility.


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