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Petition for Cukoo and Cukan

Dear all,

i want to open a petition for some Jewel Bosses - Cukan and Cukoo.

Because of the new rotation pop of bosses, the jewel bosses are deleted. I understand that because of the different jewel stage that u have to create all time with pop up and i think nobody needs Gibbakya anymore ;) But Cukan (190 Jewels with 150 HP) and Cukoo (140 Jewels with 70HP + 40 Sap) are very interesting and need to be back. The jewels can be the same at all pop up, where ever it is.

When u are agree that Cukan and Cukoo is coming back than pls sign with + .
Otherwise with -


( this is only for Cukan + Cukoo, not for Gibbakya, Fraketh, Gibbakin )


In Vino Veritas
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