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there was a time in the past (not sure when it changed i was away from ryzom for a some years) when there had been a change made to the forums that DID translate directly in the forums.

at some point it changed from direct in forum translation (you set your language, the forums used the translation software of google to translate on a per user viewing the content.)

at the very least there was a 'translate' option on every post, and if one wasn't in your native language because of a bad language tag on the post, you could just click the 'translate' link in the corner and it would refresh the post, there was also an option to translate an entire thread at one time.... but that's gone now too.

the forums went backwards in terms of translation and user friendly-ness when this DeepL translation site replaced google translate.

i'm sure there's lots of great content and ideas out there.


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