Miss and Mister Atys Contest

Registration is now closed. But what's going to happen on the night (Sunday 11/06 at 6.15pm GMT)?

(at 6.15pm GMT) The candidates will gather in the bar Spectators, you'll have to vacate the premises by this time and stop ordering from Pecus, the barman, and take a seat along the path leading to the Thesos bar.

(at 8.20pm) Meanwhile, the judges will take their seats and introduce themselves.

This will be the time to bribe them, spectator friends

(at 6.30pm GMT) The parade of the 8 candidates begins. [B]But who are they?

5 homines:

Khaiji, a pretty fyros

Kirini, a very young wife

Liosta: a charming young matis

Refyia, who needs no introduction as she has won so many races in the Lakes and elsewhere

Sekimet, the pretty young blue

Dear homins or homines, there's enough to find a pretty companion among them, and I do mean companion; you're not here to choose your cleaning lady.

3 homins:

Nizyros, an old hand from Atys but a young father

Vortexselly, a very young wife

Ostium, a Tryker and an accomplished husband

What bad luck, dear homins, all these homins are taken, so look around you if you're looking for a homin :)

Euh non je n'ai pas été payé pour ses présentations *fait un clin œil*

(at 7.15pm GMT) The presentation of each candidate with an art piece of their choice to highlight them

This will be the moment to break the candidates' concentration or help those you like

(at 8pm GMT) Judges' talks

(at 8.15 GMT) Voting results

(at 8.30pm GMT) Final


Taking everyone's character into account, the fyros guards will be on standby for any untimely outbursts. They have orders to throw pickaxes at will (any delay may be linked to the event).

Don't forget to leave your weapons with Pecus, who will return them to you at the end of the event. No, I didn't say leave your husband at the bar, dear homine ...



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