Patch 2023-05-26: Tryker rite, Marauders' fame changes, OP Materials Enhance ...

Content Patch 952 (2023-05-26)

Tryker rite, Marauders' fame changes, OP Materials Enhancer Building

A client patch and server restart took place on May 26, 2023 to implement the additions and modifications listed below:

The second rite of the new Encyclopedia is out!

  • *Drum roll* It's done, the second rite of the New Encyclopedia has been released! Come and have fun discovering it!

Go to the Fairhaven tourist office and buy there a copy of the Liberty Lake Guide. Then you can embark on a most romantic ritual following the story of Flynn and his sweetheart Damae.

Your reward? Fun, of course! But not only that… because you'll also get a cool new permanent skill! I won't tell you more, because having the surprise is better, isn't it ;)

The Marauders' fame is changing!

The Marauders' fame now becomes a fame like any other, and no longer depends on the fames of other nations/factions:

  • Neutrals (no allegiance) and Rangers can raise their Marauders' fame to +50.
  • Those who have pledged allegiance to a nation or faction have their Marauders' fame blocked at -50.
  • The Marauders have all their fames (except for the Marauders' one, of course!) blocked at -50.
  • A Marauder NPC is selling items in exchange for Marauders' faction points.

Negative fame adapts to the situation

In order to allow everyone to have access to all the activities in the cities, including future rites, while keeping a certain logic in the roleplay, the following modification has been implemented for everyone:

  • While carrying a weapon (including amps) or being PvP tagged in a city, negative fames keep their normal value (so at least -100) and therefore enemy players in the city get attacked by guards.
  • Without weapon and without PvP tag, not representing a direct danger, the negative renowns never go below -40, which allows players to go freely in the cities. Of course, if they take out a weapon or activate their PvP tag, they will be attacked by the guards : logical, isn't it? ;)

[Guild Island] Outpost Materials Enhancer Building

The first Guild Island building is available! Here's how to get it and use it.

If you are Leader or High Officer in your guild:

0 - Start by recruiting the Stewardess, if you haven't already!

1 - Open the menu: "Rewards and Services".

You will see an option to recruit a Quartermaster, in exchange for Dappers and Guild Points.

Your guild can earn Guild Points by visiting the scouts or hunters and get the list of Bosses in the region (use the guild app —/appzone 2835— to know the regions already obtained).

2 - Once the Quartermaster is recruited, make him appear, like the Stewardess.

3 - The Quartermaster offers you to erect buildings in exchange for supreme materials and Guild Elyps.

With the first option (1), all players in your guild can convert their own Elyps into Guild Elyps.

With the supreme materials and the Guild Elyps you can get the elements (2) needed to create the building (3).

4 - Once you have obtained the building, you can place it wherever you want on your Guild Island.

5 - Use the "Convert" menu of the building to enhance your outpost materials.

To convert Q150 materials to Q200 or Q200 to Q250, your guild will need Guild Points. As said before, your guild can earn Guild Points by visiting the scouts or hunters and get the list of Bosses in the region (use the guild app —/appzone 2835— to know the regions already obtained).

So, ready to enhance your guild's outpost materials? Let's go!!!

A facelift for the Accomplishments

A big facelift has been given to the Achievements, with a new, more modern and clearer interface.

In addition, each time you complete an achievement, you'll receive an in-game notification. This will motivate you to finish more ;)

Zigs for F2P

Last good news of the day: F2P players can get Zigs again, either by getting pieces offered by other players, or by completing the "Adopt a Zig" rite and then going to adopt one from the Shadow Runners, in Zoraï country.

We remains at your disposal for any additional information and best wishes to you!

Ryzom Team

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