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client.log and log.log files eating up space, here's the fix

Turning verboselog on increases the amount of info it logs, probably better to turn that off.

Have you tried making the log file read only?
Didn't see that part in your post, nvm :P

lolx, my bad, i'd ment to write it verboseLog = 0; (which is how it's set in my config.cfg) but because i was already thinking about the new lines i'd tried to add to my config.cfg like DisableLog = 1; and NoLog = 1; i'd accidently wrote the verboseLog = 1; which is wrong.

thanks for catching that magez :)

also karu, thanks for the information about the client_default.cfg lines to remove the dbg, wrn, inf stuff, i'll be adding those to my client.cfg as soon as i post this :)



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