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client.log and log.log files eating up space, here's the fix

deleted the logs on 5-19-23... today it's alerady showing as 28 MB's.... i'll post exceprts from that log because it only took 20 seconds to load, but it's the same BS every time.

You copy-paste ryzom_client_r.exe to different accounts and run them at the same time from same directory? This might interfere with log rotation, I don't have first hand experience in that.

Log lines you quoted seem to be standard startup log and not the dominant ones that are filling the file when ingame.

Anyway, client_default.cfg has NegFilters for DBG, WRN, INF that you can add to client.cfg and then lines containing those strings would not shown in log.
2023/05/19 20:49:06 WRN 281c ryzom_client_r - talkBAK.exe driver_opengl_extension.cpp 767 NL3D::NLDRIVERGL::setupEXTVertexWeighting : 3D: OpengGL extension 'GL_EXT_vertex_weighting' was not found

In this line, log message that is checked starts with '3D: OpenGL...'

In your case, the string fragment what you want to match against is {" ", "."} (space and dot characters) which should match most lines.


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