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client.log and log.log files eating up space, here's the fix

so many WRN (warning) and INF (information) entries it'd make you puke, and it's the same BS over and over again, none of which is game breaking.... untill the file fills my hard drive and i try to make a map marker, or log out (which if the log file has ate all the HD space, just crashes out because there's no room on the drive to save your data on)

so i ask ANYONE: is there a way to TOTALLY disable logging?

i've tried most logical things like adding to config.ini a line that says things like this:
DisableLog = 1;
NoLog = 1;

but neither of those have done anything to solve the problem, not sure what else to do, i can't just make the ryzom folder read-only either, because then you couldn't save when you log out, or make a new map marker.

tried to make the log files 'read-only' as well, then ryzom just creates client0001.log (and limits those files to 5 MB each) i had to delete over 1000 log files after that attempt.

this isn't a new issue, but it's sure making it's self known again in a very big way.


after thought: not sure why the verboselog = 1; in the config file isn't working anymore, it had stopped this problem in the past, but now doesn't appear to work as a solution to insane log files.


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