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client.log and log.log files eating up space, here's the fix

honestly wasn't willing to wait the 20 minutes my text editor program was going to need to open a 170 GIGABYTE file, so i couldn't say for sure, but it's often can't find this ID on this sheet, or can't find or load this sound, ect; nothing of real use.

should also note that it took me 3 google searches to find a text editor program that would open files lager then 4 GB (first search) 10GB (second search) unlimited file size (final search) before i could find a text editor that would even attempt to open a file that big

the bottom line is that the client is logging everything, warnings, information, ect. it should only log real errors, not information/warnings.

given their massive size, i couldn't even share it with the dev's if there was a problem (i recall many years ago a picture competition where my 40 MB file was too big to enter into the competition)... how would i upload a 170 GB log file?.... bottom line: there should be a line in the config to disable ALL BUT CRASHES. just a massive waste of hard drive space, and i'm always having to delete a massive log every few days.



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