Miss and Mister Atys Contest

Hominas, homins, this old tradition has been forgotten for years! What will become of our dressmakers? Our storytellers? Our artists?

The time for a new election has come!
Sunday June 11 6:30:00 pm UTC (in 1 month) the new election will take place in bar of thesos
That is why…
    • a jury of 6 judges ensuring gender parity and factional diversity (kami, kara, marau, ranger);
    • homine, homin of all ages, races and religions;
    • sponsors: tailors, gunsmiths, bar owners, liquor producers, popcorn vendors, etc.;
    • a journalist to take care of the luciographic coverage of the event and if possible produce an illustrated calendar commemorating it (ex.

THE EVALUATIONS of the candidates will be in fact those of the quality of their 3 performances:[list]
• during the parade in their best attire (armor, hairstyle, tattoo, hat, weapon, zig, etc.); this performance will be scored out of 20 (10 points for the originality and the harmony of the armor with the "accessories" and 10 points for the technique);
• during the short (3 minutes maximum) PR presentation they will make of themselves: interests, hobbies, vision of Atys (performance noted on 10);
• during the demonstration of their art of preference: singing, dancing, haiku, shooki tasting ????, dagger throwing, etc. (performance noted on 10).
Beyond that, a general score, also out of 10, will be given by each of the judges to translate his or her personal appreciation of each of the candidates (affinities, past or current ties, habitual behavior, etc.).

The title of Miss Atys or Mister Atys of the current (IRL) year will be awarded to the two winners forever.

We ask that any personal or general quarrels at this event be brought under control quickly(1).
All the rumors of corruption of the jury of the previous editions of this contest are just that: rumors...(2)
Trekking can be organized on request up to one week before the event for newcomers.
For the inscriptions, all will be done on the panel below by specifying judge or candidate. End of registrations on 04.06
For any information please contact (via /tell or mail) Eleanide.

(1) Thus, the PvP tag must not be worn during the event.
(2) But don't let that stop you from organizing all possible scandals, as long as joy and good mood are there... and mutual poaching of members between factions and guilds will be tolerated.????


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