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Letter addressed to Feinigan Mac'Lan on 26th of Folially 2622-4, in response to his invitation from 22th of Folially 2622-4
Nair Ambassador and Honorable Merchant,

Your sending of last 22 Folially annoyed me at first, I will not conceal it from you, so much so that I took up my pen as soon as I had finished reading it to curtly decline the invitation it contained. But on reflection (to which, as far as our relationship is concerned, Nair, I have always taken care to give time) I have resolved to give you the reasons for my refusal.

You should know, first of all, that if I declined the invitation of Nair Jazzy and Ylang'Nao Miko to participate in their forthcoming wedding, it is not because of an ukase from the latter, but in order not to spoil the party that I imagine her future husband is promising himself from these nuptials. Future husband who enjoys, since our first meeting, of my highest esteem.

You should know, then, that I am beginning to suspect that the rumor that I was banned from the wedding by the bride, far from having come to your ears, was started by you. What makes me conceive this suspicion, you will have understood, is the advice disguised as indignation which, in your missive, follows the evocation of the aforementioned rumor. Namely, to turn my voluntary non-participation in private weddings into a diplomatic incident.

You should know, at last, that I will not follow your advice. Indeed (and this you already know), ambassador is for me more a vocation than a title, gives me more duties towards peace between nations than privileges in my own.

To conclude, Nair, this missive which, I fear, will have brought you only bitter disappointment, I must confess to you that, if your attempt to poison the relations between Matia and Naw Trykoth irritated me at first, that is because it testifies on your part of an acumen and a cleverness I envy you since we made acquaintance.

Atys aiye !
Nilstilar Thorec


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