[For All] Fairhaven Little ones Market

Fairhaven is buzzing with the passage of young people from Silan.
It's time to offer them a new Market for Little Ones.
Poster placarded in all cities, as well as the Ranger and Marauder camps

Lordoy ad toll, Woren siloy!

We invite all homins to the 16th edition of the “Fairhaven Market for Little ones”.
This market is primarily for young refugees who have recently arrived from Silan and need to up-grade their gear.

It will propose, at very reasonable prices, high quality equipment to help them progress and discover the New Lands.
You could find a wide range of equipment up to the 11th circle (50 to 110 quality) useful for training purposes in all skills.
To be sure to find what you need, you can also place an order by sending us an izam*.

The market will offer also a tutorial by an independent expert to help you to make the right choice for your equipment.
This year, we will learn everything about OP materials with Nizyros, leader of « La Lune éternelle ».

If you cannot reach Fairhaven by your own means, do not hesitate to contact Kyriann, we can arrange treks** to allow you to get the teleport pact to the city.

We are therefore waiting for you, starting from 13h - Holeth, Nivia 30, 3rd AC 2621*** on Fairhaven beach.

Don't forget to empty your bags before joining, you'll leave well loaded!

Ashgan, Kyriann and all the Collectif du Marché des Petits.

* In-game email to Kyriann, who is responsible for centralizing requests, or on the forum in response to this post.
** Big journeys throughout Atys, during the days before the market. To benefit from it, contact us in the same way through the forum or in-game email.
*** From Thursday, 29 December 2022 20:00:00 UTC (3 months ago).



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