Patch 2022-09-23: Silan refactoring & Q.O.L. patch

Content Patch 916-933 (2022-09-23)

Patch 933: Fix crash from or to Silan

Patch 932 : Corrected the purchase of mid-round squads

Patch 916: Silan refactoring & Q.O.L. patch

A client and server patch and a server restart are scheduled for September 23, 2022 to implement the changes and additions described below.

Silan refactoring : Character creation & Redesigned tutorial area

  • During character creation, the last step emphasizes the roleplay aspect of the game by offering, instead of the old choice of a class, a list of choices which define the character's roleplay profile.
  • These choices result in the display in game of two roleplay tags and a title that varies according to the chosen profile, as well as the gift of a weapon or a colored tool featuring improved statistics.
  • A new starting zone, still on Silan but outside of the Rangers' camp, now offer new players guided welcome of better quality.
  • A tutorial, divided into several lessons of 4 or 6 explanatory vignettes each, accompanies the first steps of new players.
  • Each lesson of this tutorial deals with an aspect of the game that helps the player to become familiar with the interface in an interactive way.
  • Each lesson offers a reward, either cosmetic or useful to the character's skill progression.
  • The tutorial, although highly recommended, can be skipped via the /skiptutorial command. However, the lessons can be viewed and re-run at any time thereafter.
  • This tutorial will be supplemented over the next few months with new lessons to improve the support for new players.
  • Icons displayed on the map indicate the location of the four coaches in the Rangers' camp.
  • A Marauders' mini-camp has been added on Silan with a lesson introducing the Marauders' faction and lessons presenting the other factions and peoples of Atys are in-progress.

Other Major Changes


  • 5 new slots have been added to the equipment tab;
  • You can only equip 'usable' items in these slots;
  • You can configure keyboard shortcuts to use an item in a given pocket in the Keys window (Alt+1, ... Alt+5 by default);
  • You can configure macros to use an item in a given pocket;
  • Pockets are linked with item groups;
  • There is a dedicated window for pockets that you can activate in the Windows window.

Item Groups

  • Complete rewrite of the item group system which fixes many bugs;
  • Groups no longer limit actions when re-equipping;
  • Added an UI to create, equip, delete item groups in the equipment tab of the inventory;
  • Fixed illegal item combinations using item groups.

Equipment Window

  • Added dynamic display of elements on resize;
  • Added hands to the equipment window;
  • Added a 3D first person view of your character.

Secondary Action Bar

  • The secondary action bar is now independent from the primary one (which means 10 more pages of space).

Fixes and Q.O.L.

  • Auto-login no longer crashes if it is unable to login;
  • The crafting window now automatically changes craft success when the buff value changes;
  • Material selection dialog in the crafting window is now sorted;
  • Shift+Enter at a merchant now correctly sells to merchant;
  • Removed memorized chat phrases;
  • The enchantment icon now correctly updates for items in hands;
  • Fixed the remaining 'stuck stanza' issues;
  • 'Target' missions now correctly display the mob name;
  • Removed incompletable Goo missions and fixed incorrect objectives where needed;
  • Added a warning when the character's speed factor is 0;
  • Weapons now correctly display in both hands on load-in;
  • Cute, Frahar and Gibbai NPCs now correctly show on the compass;
  • Stanza icons are now customizable;
  • Added customizable tooltip opacity and background color option;
  • Fixed text rendering outside its parent container;
  • Added an action drag-and-drop lock option to the action bar;
  • Made zoom levels independent in map (m) versus fullscreen map (ctrl+m);
  • Markers not on the current mini-map are now hidden;
  • Fixed crashes related to the MP3 player;
  • Added options and keys button to the exit menu;
  • The ESC key now opens the exit menu;
  • Added Elyps count to the special bag.

The Ryzom Team remains at your disposal for any additional information and best wishes to you!

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