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To the Matis, weddings are an important event in the social life of the Kingdom. They must be prepared with care. This as each participant knows that both their outfit and behavior will be unsparingly scrutinized by the other participants.
Obviously, the marriage of a Karin, moreover presumed heir to the throne, will be particularly dissected, and while the Karin and his wife are not likely to be openly criticized, but any slip-up among the attendees would cause the offender to fall into a decline that would be difficult to redeem in Court and society.
To avoid such missteps, here are some tips dispensed by Serae Rosini, Mistress of Ceremonies at the Karae's court.

Dress code:
  • Green dresses are reserved for the bride and groom and are absolutely forbidden for the audience;
  • White or black clothing is to be avoided but may be worn;
  • The clothes must be of Matis origin (but who would wear anything else anyway?) ;
  • Long skirts are a must for hominas.

Hairstyle: prefer a long haircut and do not hesitate to adorn it with tiaras and other jewelries.

Tattoo: choose carefully, looking for harmony with the adopted outfit.

As for the rest, it is recommended that you prepare some song or poem to accompany the great ball that will close this exceptional event!
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