[Matis] Royal Wedding (2022/06/18)

Libi Freldo, the Royal Herald, had to call upon couriers to deliver the various invitations.
Karan had made the decision to open the wedding festivities to the Kingdom's allies.
Was this the influence of the Karin? In any case, the work had been amplified tenfold and the help was precious to spread this great news everywhere.
Jena Aiye !
A great happiness is coming to our blessed Kingdom of Jena, progenitor of all Life, who extends her countless blessings to the Matis People!
Indeed, the 2h - Tria, Folially 21, 1st AC 2619 will see the opening of a day of happiness and glory for all the Matis people.
The Karin Aniro will take the Filirae Nirni di Varello as his wife under the benevolent eye of our beloved goddess Jena.

All Matis nobles and subjects as well as allies of the Kingdom are invited to join the religious ceremony that will take place at the Karavan Temple of Yrkanis and to participate in the grand ball that will be given in honor of the bride and groom in front of the Great Greenhouse.
The festivities will continue with songs and poems dedicated to Jena and the royal couple!

May Jena accompany and guide us during all these festivities!
Jena Aiye ! Stevano Aiye !
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