[Matis] Lakes' request

Yrkanis, on Harvestor 22, 2618-4, to Karan Stevano

Your Majesty,

As part of the mission Your Majesty gave me nearly thirty-two Jena year, last season I attended the Taliari assembly convened by Ailan Mc'Kean, as usual, at Frogmore Place in the lake city of Fairhaven.

However, and your Majesty will not be surprised, the echoes of the imminent wedding of the Crown Karin, as well as those of the "competition" between the Seraei claiming his hand, have reached all the citizens of the Lakes. This is why the aforementioned assembly closed with a request from the Governor, which she asked me to transmit to you without delay. To wit: Would Your Majesty object to the Federation of Naw Trykoth giving His Highness the Karin and his future wife a wedding gift as a sign of friendship between our two peoples?

As, whatever the answer may be, it is in no way obliged to pass through Your servant, I shall be obliged to Your Majesty to kindly send me a copy of it, if necessary with instructions not to make public mention of it.
Nilstilar Thorec
Your Majesty's Ambassador to the Federation of Naw Trykoth


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