[Matis] Nobles assembly of Yrkanis

The Nobles Chamber of the Verdant Heights has gathered in the Royal Palace of Yrkanis, on 21h - Quinteth, Germinally 17, 1st AC 2618*, and was lead by His Majesty Stevano-Karan and in presence of His Highness Aniro-Karin.

Were attending:
Filira Salazar, Royal Historian
Filira Zakkk, Clerk of the Court retired
Filira Tapco
Filirae Aylia

Ser Copal, Royal Scribe and Ambassador of the Kingdom
Ser Nilstilar, Ambassador of the Kingdom
Ser Homere, vassal of the Kingdom
Ser Valdini, vassal of the Kingdom
Serae Belauren, vassal of the Kingdom
Serae Canillia, vassal of the Kingdom
Serae Margaritta, vassal of the Kingdom

Ser Zorroargh, Ranger’s representative**

Stevano-Karan has opened the session with the traditional prayer to Jena.

The Houses present have then reported their current affairs.
Filira Tapco, Herën of the Alkian Order, reported that the Order had unfortunately lost control of the last outpost still operated on behalf of the Karavan, the Psykopla Knoll, due to a lack of dedicated warriors. He also announced the return of Filirae Aylia to the Order, this was discussed in more detail behind closed doors.
Ser Homere paid the respects of the people of Davae, and wished the Royal Family good health, along with an amber cube as a gift for the Karan.
Filira Salazar had no new information regarding the Order of the Argo Navis.
Ser Copal also had no news of the other members of the Gardiens du Savoir.
Finally Ser Valdini introduced his House, Ore Altae, which trains servants of excellence to meet the demands of the greatest Houses.
Serae Belauren, with no House affiliation, also introduced herself.

The floor was then given to the ambassadors.
Ser Zorroargh announced that Ranger teams were working their way back to the Old Lands and that they would be happy to share what they found.

Ser Nilstilar reported on the Federation's installation of a flowery alarm system, i.e. installed in flower pots, although this feature did not seem to affect the effectiveness of the devices. He also attended a market in Fairhaven, which made him wonder about the future of the Avalae Market. Stevano-Karan therefore invited him to propose this subject to the Karae once the Karin's wedding is over.
Last Ser Copal was finally able to present himself to an Assembly of the Circles. The Assembly chose the Seraei Bigsbee and Ylanghao as ambassadors. The Sage Sap made wishes for the wedding of the Karin. The rest of the assembly consisted mainly of rather heated exchanges between the Theocracy's hunter and a lake guild about the involvement of one of its members in the goo-animals invasion near Jen-Lai. And in less heated but hardly more productive exchanges about how to deal with the goo tribes.
Possibly following the meeting, Sage Sap attempted an interview with the Antekami tribe. But this was not successful, as the Theocracy interpreted it as possible betray by the Sage Sap.

Since no other ambassador was attending, the rest of the Chamber was held behind closed doors.

Written down for Yrkanis’ Archives on Holeth, Thermis 24, 1st AC 2618.

Stevano Aiye !
Matis Aiye !
Jena Aiye !

Copal Frerini
Royal Scribe

* on April, 6th 2022.
** As usual, please let me know by IG mail if I’ve been mistaken regarding the attendees or their titles.
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