[Event for all] Anlor Winn 2021 (October 29 - November 8)

A Freaky Story, told by Umaena

It was a brilliant autumn afternoon and I had set out to explore the jungle of the Cities of Intuition.
As the day drew to a close, somewhere on the edge of Maiden Grove, I hurried along to avoid being caught in the dark, when a thick fog rose from the ground.
I was quickly surrounded by the mists. The air was freezing and I couldn't see beyond three meters ahead. No sound from the profuse jungle could reach my ears.
Worried, I kept wandering for several hours without knowing where I was really going before I came upon a tree with a hollow trunk.
Exhausted, I huddled inside the cavity and did not take long to fall asleep.

I was awakened with a start in the middle of the night. I don't know exactly why. The fog had lifted and a light caught my attention in the distance.
Approaching with caution, I saw that it was a simple wooden hut, leaning against an escarpment, whose open door let out a soft light.
Bucked up, I decided to present myself at the door. Two young Zorai were seated around a table on which dinner was set.
Dressed in white, their features were fine and graceful, the color of their skin a very pale blue and their masks were immaculate.
At the sight of me, they stood up and greeted me in the Zorai language. I introduced myself and explained my misadventure.
They welcomed me kindly and invited me to share their meal.
I put my gloves on a corner of the table and took a stool.
We ate and they explained to me that they were two harvesting sisters who lived in this modest house.
I spent a very pleasant evening in their company. We chatted for a long time about things and joked heartily until late at night.
We were getting tired and they offered me a cozy armchair. I gladly accepted and curled up in the chair.
This time again, it didn't take me long to fall asleep.

I was awakened with a start at the break of the day. I was surprised to realize that I was snuggled up in the tree!
However, a detail attracted my attention in the distance…
Like the previous night, a hut was standing there, leaning against an escarpment, but in an advanced state of dilapidation.
Intrigued, I approached the door and entered.
The interior was similar to the two Zorai's hut, but looked as if it had been abandoned for centuries.
A large table and three stools covered with dust and cobwebs stood there.
Puzzled, I was about to leave when I suddenly saw it there, at the corner of the table: my pair of gloves, in perfect condition, in the same position as I remembered.
I had a sudden feeling of uneasiness, so I picked them up and left the cabin with haste.

What has happened that night? Did I dream? Had the Bad Wind played a trick on me? Or maybe it's just a story…

Who knows?
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