Show a prompt about loss of dappers with enchantments

This particular case doesn't make much sense.
To simplify some game mechanics, the idea is accepted, but we will simply remove the cost in Dappers.

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Noway! You don't have to do it! It's one of those little fun little things that make the game more fun.
I remember once upon of time i leveled 1 of afflictions. And i was just recharging enchants via dappers. I remember i was indecently poor (tho as well as now, but anyway) and for some time i was puzzled why i was not getting rich. It took me about ~10m dappers or so to master it. Or it was ~15m... i do not remember exactly. But it was relatively not a little anyway.
Nowadays, ofc, i, like the all decent people, buy charges from some very shady and suspicious tryker in FH for national points. And i didn't get richer. But there is something to remember!

Added a bit later: What if to make a blinking light bulb out of the dapper icon in the inventory? It will blink when dappers get increasing or decreasing. Tho i do not know if it is possible to do such things with the interface elements...
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