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Allow to exchange more objects (Wheel and apartment)

I know that the Wheel was thought to take some dappers out of the game, but anyway it doesn't work, as it's easy to win dappers...

On the other hand, spinning the wheel divides into two clans:
- those who have fun and who are overloaded with items they don't need anymore
- those who are not amused by it and who will never have certain objects because of it.

Let's leave aside the generic materials ("potatoes") which have already been discussed quite a bit and which could indeed give a small gameplay advantage, namely to reduce a bit the painful grinding of leveling up in crafting.

But the refugee clothes? I have 3 pairs of blue pants at home, which I can't pass on to anyone, and I can only wear one at a time anyway. Considering the uselessness of the item, apart from the fashion victim aspect, it would be nice to be able to give them to someone. Same for wigs, when you have one, it's enough, but to give some to others would be nice.

What about stuffed animals? No one has ever solotated a named one with a stuffed animal. But it would be really, really nice to be able to offer them. Yes, there would be some stuffed animal traffic at recess, just to collect them all, but it wouldn't bring any imbalance to the game.

What about home decorations? Same thing, it doesn't offer any advantage in game. And here we fall into a crazy thing: it is not possible to destroy them, so the list gets longer and longer, with lots of objects that you do NOT want to see in your apartment but that you cannot give to anyone who wants to give a different atmosphere to his own apartment. Rybambelle had its problems, but we could at least find the possibility to simply give these apartment decorations from hand to hand?
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