[OOC Event for all] Atysmas 2021: Detailed program

After watching 2 Grinches clear a full arena in short order, I think it safe to say that there's still a disparity in pacing.

If we simplify the math and assume a 45% chance of 1-3 points (averaging 1.5) and the average pace of a Grinch (2 gifts/minute; they go as fast as they can), that's 1.35 pts/min (0.45*1.5*2). An Elf with no coal to wrap will get about 0.5 pts/min. In the unlikley event that a Grinch does drop coal to wrap, which rarely happens, a Grinch can destroy 2-3 gifts in the time it takes an Elf just to run back to get one wrapping paper, then simply shred the wrapped coal.

If we look at it another way, one Elf can drop 3 points worth of gifts every 5-6 minutes, depending on size, while a Grinch can destroy 120 gifts (of any size) in the time it takes an Elf to drop 12-30 (again, depending on size). Even if the Grinch only earns points on 45% of them, that's still 54 rewards; more than an Elf with no coal to wrap can get.

In short, one Grinch can easily out-pace two Elves.


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