[OOC Event for all] Atysmas 2021: Detailed program

Atysmas storytelling assembly

It's cold. In the distance a choir sings and snowflakes fall softly on the bark. What better way to warm up and share moments of emotion than with a place by the campfire and stories.

Come and join Atys dreamers in Atysmas village, on 13h - Quarta, Thermis 10, 3rd AC 2616(*).
The Lutrykin Storyteller will host the meeting.
Homins will take turns telling their tales, songs or poems or simply listening to this fun, sometimes instructive and sometimes meditative mix.
The Lutrykin Storyteller will close the meeting with his own story.
All storytellers will receive the title of Atysmas Storyteller for one year, as well as an equipable candy cane.

(*)On Sunday, 26 December 2021 20:00:00 UTC (2 years ago).

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