[OOC Event for all] Atysmas 2021: Detailed program

Grinch or Elf?

Lutrykins have set up a gift factory next to Silan's arena, but they need help dropping off the gifts while Grinches are lurking around, intent of ruining the Atysmas party.
Will you be an Elf helping Lutrykins drop off the gifts?
Will you be a Grinch trampling and burning them?
Whatever your level, come have fun and participate in a collective challenge.

Event's location: Silan Arena.
Game's rules:
Next to Silan arena, you will find Tinano Pisi and Rogio Signo. From them you can get gifts packs or bags of coal. These items will appear in your special bag. When you go to the marked area in the arena, you can drop your gift or coal bag by right clicking on the item in the special bag. This will earn you positive or negative points calculated according to the size and type of item dropped. Positive points will move you up in the Elf rankings, negative points in the Grinch rankings. This will constitute your individual total score.
The other way to modify your individual score is to act on the objects already dropped in the arena. By destroying gifts packs, you will gain negative points. Coal bags can be turned into gift pack with the help of a gift wrap and thus earn you positive points, but since bad guys always have it good, buying a gift wrap from Tinano Pisi will cost you a point.
In addition to this individual game, there is a collective one.
The game time is divided into rounds of random duration ranging from 19 to 24 hours. Depending on the number of gifts packs deposited and destroyed and the number of bags of coals deposited and packed, a total score will be calculated for each round. If the score is positive, the Elves win, if it is negative, the Grinches win. The score is reset to zero at the end of the round.
One side will be designated the final winner for this Atysmas by adding the scores of all the rounds.
Note that it’s possible to be sometimes kind, sometimes evil, you are not forced to always act as an elf or as a grinch.

  • Three levels of Elf or Grinch title depending on individual total score (30, 60, 120).
  • For each round, tokens for each member of the winning side.
  • All members of the winning side will be able to place a snowman with their name anywhere on Atys. This snowman will remain in place until the end of Atysmas (and the corollary patch).
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