[OOC Event for all] Atysmas 2021: Detailed program


Spirits of Atysmas are trapped in snowmen, all aroud Atys. Free them so that they can join the Grand Atysmas Faerie and bring forth the most beautiful of yubos: Yubohoho!

Event's location: All around Atys except Prime Roots then the Matis Arena.
Game's rules:
Four collectors, one per nation, appeared in the Matis Arena. Fill each of them with 100 Spirits of Atysmas, prisoners of snowmen scattered on Atys. You can see the status of each of the collectors by clicking on them.
When all four collectors are full, gather all in the Matis Arena to talk to the Grand Atysmas Faerie and try to collect the gifts.
Get rid of unstable gifts and then of the massive gift. Then you will see the most beautiful of yubos appear: Yubohoho.
Once it is at your feet, do not delay too long to come and quarter it or the fairies will quickly carry it away to resurrect it.

Reward: Supreme yubo materials of 270 quality.
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