[OOC Event for all] Atysmas 2021: Detailed program

Atysmas Jigsaw Puzzles

A snowman has cut one large picture into 60 fragments and keeps them on him. During the time of Atysmas, he visits each of the tribes of Atys in turn, Prime Roots included.
Go looking for him to collect a fragment and try to rebuild the images!

Event's location: All around Atys, Prime Roots included.
Game's rule:
Click on the snowman that randomly pops into a tribe every 30 minutes to win a picture fragment. The fragments you win appear in a special window, gradually completing the puzzles.
The snowman remains in game for 20 minutes and reappears (with a random picture fragment) every 30 minutes. You can find out if a snowman is in game by consulting the small window of the “Dynamic Events”.

Reward: Atysmas tokens for each snowman found, choice tokens for each new picture fragment discovered and excellent tokens for each puzzle completed.
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