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It would tho, any ryzom player playing another game is taken away from playing ryzom.

Look at the resurgence of CP2020 when Cyberpunk 2077 came out and you'll see how wrong that is. It's a little different there since CP2077 is not an MMO so many peopel will stop playing after beating it a few times, but my point that it's not a zero-sum equation remains.

I get what you mean, but what i mean is time cannot be spend on both at the same time, spending those 1-2 hours on the board game are 1-2 hours that you are not present/active/engaged into ryzom.
Active playerbase optics is already a problem in ryzom, when 1 person leaves a large crowd it goes unnoticed, when 1 person leaves small group it will.
With your Cyberpunk example its doubtful 100% of cp2020 players that tried cp2077 did all return, of course a themed board game is very different from an mmo, not like going from fps to fps, but it remains that players time will be split regardless if they return.

Regarding the board game itself, i understand the 'fun' but not the benefit of it, the splitting of players activity/time aside, dev-time and resources spend there could have been spend on the main attraction, i also fail to see how it will attract new players besides circles of friends that likely would have already mentioned ryzom if there was interest among them (i hope), in the case of marketing i have doubts and raise the question why marketing ryzom isn't done more in stead and in the case marketing ryzom is already exhausted i fail to see why the board game would then raise new players in its place.


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